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BobsPhotosAndEssays: Trip to Venezeula

VenezuelaJanuary 18–28, 2009

Participate in this opportunity to visit a people and country where cooperatives abound, education is a priority and health care is available to those in need. Visit with government representatives and church leaders. See the processing of cacao. Contrast the frenzy of Caracas with the calm of the countryside. Meet with ordinary people who have opted for a different economic model, reap the fruits of their labors, and find hope in unexpected places.

“I found the program to simply be excellent in every respect. Providing me with the opportunity to be with the people of Venezuela was a gift not to be forgotten. —Bill Dyer, Venezuela 2008·

Learn about grass-roots literacy programs for adults· Visit FUNDALATIN—an umbrella group for religious organizations·
Visit one cacao growing area and experience the chocolate-making process·
Listen to a vibrant Afro-Caribe youth music and dance group·
Dialogue with government officials·
Enjoy a boat ride while bird watching·
Learn of the Afro-Venezuelan perspective·
Visit the barrios (housing for the poor) surrounding Caracas and learn of their hope·
See community run radio and TV stations·
Experience organic agriculture initiatives

Registration deadline: October 15, 2008 Trip Cost: $1600* Plus Registration Fee** Rooms are shared, single supplement for entire trip is $300.00.

912 Market St, La Crosse, WI 54601 608.791.5283
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