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Four Five-pane window inserts

Today I put one hand on one of the five-pane window inserts and the other hand on the regular widow without an insert. The hand on the plastic was warm to the touch and the one of the glass cold to the touch. This is not the scientific test I promised you, but the hand touch test is a good gauge of what is to come. The touch sense makes sense.

Tonight I went to a gathering of family members of victims of police brutality. A few of the stories I was familiar with, but one from a mother and her daughter from Kenosha, WI was shocking. They actually witnessed the beating and shooting of their innocent son and brother. Despite their witness and evidence, including a police car camera recording of the event, the police involved were not only not prosecuted but received a honor awarded for the death. The sense of loss was evident tonight.

One of the panel members tonight was my friend Debra whose son was shot seven times by former police officer Jon Bartlett who now is in jail for other crimes. I am helping her create a mini-website for her son called Justice for Larry Jody Jenkins. In a few days there should be some interesting information about this case and others on the site. You may be able to sense the injustice done to Larry.

Speaking of web sites, the new domain took a big step forward today with the work of Tegan. In a few days, after some more work by her and some by me, it should be ready to launch. We hope it to be a site where you can get in touch with world of Growing Power and Nonviolence.

Speaking of Nonviolent Worms, the DMZ garden took another step forward today as Dawn and I visited a food source to get food for her houses and some old produce for the compost and worm depositories at her house and mine. The organization we visited is one that I donate money to in an effort to feed the hungry of our fair city. They collect left-over food from businesses and distribute it to food pantries and persons like Dawn who feed persons in need. Today I was on the receiving end of my giving. Actually, the receiving end does not smell as good as the giving end. Wasted food smells.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we have six vigils for homicide victims, five of them killed in 48 hours over the weekend. As the homicide rate increases, now over 103 in Milwaukee this year on the Memorial to Homicide Victims 2007, there was more talk tonight on TV about more police to end the violence. However, there was no talk at working on the cause of the violence. See Essay on Violence

As you can see from all the reference to other web pages, one thing in my life touches on another thing. Work on the DMZ affects work on making police accountable. Like the touch test on the window and plastic insert, one hand touches on warmth and the other on cold.


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