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GP Box In Greenhouse

My friend John finished today installing the last of the 12 5-pane window inserts in the sunroom. We purchased some weather-watch equipment and can now tell the weather of the three spaces — the house, greenhouse (formerly known as sunroom), and outside. It is presently 67.5 degrees in the house, 52.5 in the sunroom and 42.8 degrees outside. Soon we will do a scientific test measuring the exact amount of energy savings in dollars that we save with the five-pane windows. More about this fascinating new Growing Renewable Affordable Food (GRAF) technology will come.

Actually only 10 of 12 of the five-pane window inserts are in place. We left two out since we still use the sunroom entrance to go in and out to the garden and deck. However, for the test and when it gets very cold we will have all 12 inserts in place. The inserts are very lightweight and since they are custom made to fit each window they are easy to insert or take out. This is an exciting day in the Growing Power Home Model Greenhouse. We will gladly share this affordable low-tech energy saving idea with all. There are tons of practical applications for home and Greenhouse owners, even for the Growing Power world headquarters here in Milwaukee.

I got some work done in the garden today, adding to the compost piles behind the garage and in the worm condo and to the worm depository. There are plenty of leaves available in the neighborhood these days so that should cut down my trips to the dump for wood chips.

I took the soil out of one of the Vertical Grower boxes today; it was very rich in castings. In front of the garage on the left side I am piling up the soil from the boxes and buckets that I do not need for inside growing this winter. It is like an advanced compost pile, with some worms and compost, but mostly filled with castings. I will need to cover it during the cold snowy months but it should make for some casting-rich topping soil for the mounds in the garden next spring.

Another affordable addition has been to purchase a spray pump container. Normally one would use it to spray fertilizer or some chemicals in the garden. I put “tea” (water that has gone though castings) in it and use it to water and fertilize the plants in the GP box and in the house. Soon I will put a small painter’s bag of castings in the container to enrich the water even more to make for better tea.

Tomorrow I will plant some more salad greens in the GP box. The plants in the box seem to be on hold for a while. I hope this means that they have sprouted and are now digging deeper roots. Being in the greenhouse now instead of the sunroom should help the plants grow. One day I have a three-season sunroom attached to my house and now, with some bits of wood and clear plastic, and some sharp thinking and creative work, I have a Greenhouse.



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