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Last week I was looking around Habitat for Humanity’s Resale Store, a thrift shop for home improvements, when I noticed a fluorescent four-foot light fixture for only two dollars. I did not know if it worked or not but figured for a $2 donation to Habitat for Humanity it was worth a try. Tonight I put in the fixture a couple of fluorescent bulbs I had around the house and lo and behold, let there be much more light over the box. I need to clean up the fixture, perhaps replace the bulbs someday with Gro Lights and maybe lower it, but I am happy with my buy. Every town should have and maybe has a home improvement thrift shop.

This $2 purchase makes me think about a discussion about | sustainable housing that is going on a local list server dedicated to sustainability. Some are talking about building a sustainable house in the country and others about purchasing an old house in the city and making it sustainable. Naturally I am in the camp of the latter since my preference is on affordable. New affordable housing is something we can all do in our present house or one we purchase to repair. For example today we converted two more storms in my house into 3-pane storms that will make for four-pane windows. All we did again is place a clear layer of plastic on each side of the storm window. It looks good and will help keep the house warm. These are two examples of small, simple and affordable ways to achieve house sustainability. Now there are bigger projects in sustainability I would like to take in this house, like solar heating, but have not come up with ways to make them affordable yet. However, if we keep looking we will find the way.



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