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Peter Maurin

In the spirit of the easy essays of Peter Maurin I offer this one.

Into the cold dark winter of death
A cry goes out “Wake Up!
The time has come for God to be with us.”

Some, poor and sick, just wait,
They have nothing to give but are ready to receive.
Some, rich and important, get going,
They have plenty to give but rather receive.

Persons cry out for a change of heart.
The words, like seeds, fall on fertile ground and are heard or
Fall by the wayside and are just ignored.

Marquette, a Jesuit Catholic University
Marks the coming by giving students and staff time off to celebrate.
It honors God with us in words but ignores the Word of God.

Gandhi said, “My message is my life.”
Marquette says we are peacemakers
Yet teaches war and violence.

The Word of God says, “Love your enemies”
And Marquette teaches how to kill enemies.

Marquette says in words live in peace and justice with all,
But teaches in deed a message “Kill or be killed.

In 1968 the Milwaukee 14 destroyed Selective Service military records
That put young men into a position of “to Kill or be killed.”

In 2008 the Selective Service system is gone
But now the message to “kill or be killed” in name of country
Is embedded in society and universities like Marquette.

Children play video games and cry out
“Are you dead yet” to ask if the game is over.

Wake Up Marquette! God is with us.
The Gospel message is not only to be taught but also lived.
Stop teaching war, killing and country over conscience.

Marquette, if today you hear the voice of God with us,
Harden not your hearts nor justify the teaching of death.

Teach war no more and do not host military training on campus.
Marquette practice what you preach,
Be Faithful to the Gospel.

This Christmas, Marquette give the gift of life.



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