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Work in the DMZ Garden

Now that the weather has changed for good I am playing ‘catch up’ on my gardens. Life is busy as usual but I try to spend some time each day working on the gardens. Planting late will mean a late harvest of most vegetables but better late than never.

My driving person in need of a ride was no problem in the winter but now it occupies time I could spend in the garden. But I choose the blessings these rides bring over the garden and perhaps they will also translate to a more fruitful garden.

Our church is closing and I am fighting a losing battle, it seems, to keep our services to those in need located in the North side of town where many poor live and the church is now. This is not the first time the Catholic Church has abandoned the North Side by its presence. However, I feel compelled to do something about it.

I remember a Catholic, Indian, Jesuit priest telling me about his work with the poor in the slums of India. He found a joy there that he did not find in the rest of his life where he worked in a University and with the Jesuit community. He prayed to God for the grace and blessings he found with the poor. God answered him back that all the blessings and grace were given to the poor and he would have to go there to find them.

The Catholic Church talks about the ‘preferential option for the poor’ but talk is cheap. For me to drive someone in need to a doctor or other appointment is more important than working in the garden, protesting or marching. The poor, people in need, are rich in blessings and grace. Like working in the garden being present to those in need brings joy



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