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New Castings sifter on order

Pat, my wife, and I spent some time today flattening cardboard boxes we had collected with the hope that we could get them shredded and used for compost. Our deceased son Peter used to cut up some cardboard into small pieces but it was very tedious work and not worth the effort. After seeking out use of a cardboard shredder I realized it was simpler just to take all the flattened cardboard to the city dump in containers and after dumping the cardboard into the bin to put free wood chips from the dump in the container to be used for compost and in the garden area as mulch. Wood chips are more effective for compost and mulch than cardboard. Often in life the work involved in saving something is not worth it. In this case we will let the city dump recycle the cardboard and just take recycled wood chips home with us. More can be done by being smart in the use of time.

One way to do more with less time in life is to evaluate the best use of time. Focusing on the real work to be done rather than some tangent can be more effective. At least this is some of the reasoning I used to purchase last night online a manual rotating drum for sifting worm castings from compost. In other years I used a home-made sifter to do make castings. Not only was this very time consuming but it left a lot of castings not sifted. The investment of the new sifter should leave me with more worm castings using much less time. I hope to have enough castings to share some with my son up north who is growing hops on his land.

Despite the work my wife and grandchildren did on cleaning up the gardens and the work we did today on the cardboard there remains a lot of work to be done to get the gardens ready for planting and growing. With the warm spring weather in March many of the perennials are growing and we will have an early planting and growing season. All this is great and all will be well if I remember the lessons from the cardboard and wood chips - being smart in use of time.



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