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Last Supper, Women’s Work

It rained all day so plans to work outside were put on hold and new plans were made. For one thing I wrote an article about ROTC in all colleges and universities and how only select universities only hosting departments of military sciences where drills and classes are held. Pro or Anti ROTC people do not realize the difference between sending students for military training on another campus and actually teaching war on campus. Also I had a chance to clean my office room, not completely but at least I straighten up, as they say. This is a task that accumulates since I do not put away projects when done but move on to the next one.

So the rainy day was sought of ordinary but tonight I made up for it with an extraordinary dinner with friends. Pat, my wife, joined Janice, woman priest friend and her friend Marjorie and all of us friend, Joe, for an excellent fish fry at the Italian Community Center restaurant. Since Pat had to work to 6pm and Joe had to work his parish fish fry to 7pm we had dinner starting a little after 7pm. During the meal and afterwards we shared stories about our lives and thoughts about church, Gospel and politics. We were enjoying the conversation so much that when we looked up and saw the restaurant was empty we realized it was 10 pm, closing time for the place. Sharing conversation with friends and good food it is about the best it gets for a Friday evening.

As I mentioned before I am not a meeting kind of guy. But I can talk and tell some interesting life stories and I can listen when people talk from life experiences. Somehow the talking and listening puts away the ‘shadow of death’ that hangs around me during the day and disturbs my sleep.

A woman theology teacher once told me that Jesus stood out from other preachers and prophets of his time for two characteristics. One was eating with all kinds of classes of people, fisherman, Pharisees, priest, disciples, poor, rich, men and woman. In Jesus’ time meals were only shared with persons of one’s own class. The second one was his treatment of women. In a time when women were considered inferior to men, Jesus treated them with respect and with equality, even having some women in his close circle of disciples.

So Jesus took ordinary every day events like eating and being with people and made them extraordinary by treating all, poor and rich, friend and enemy, man or woman with respect and equality. In rain or sun shine everyday can be a best day.



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