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The first flowers of spring to appear in the gardens around my house are daffodils. They have been around for a few weeks and will gradually give way to the tulips and other flowers coming up. I have taken some daffodils from the gardens and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. My hope is to keep fresh flowers from the gardens in the vase from March through October.

Flowers are a wonderful reminder of the beauty of life. Many of the flowers in our gardens are perennials; they come up in spring, summer and fall and die in the winter only to rise again the next year. In growing flowers we know what soil nutrients and environmental conditions that will enhance growth and those that will hurt growth.

Flowers are a simple form of the beauty and wonder of creation compared to the beauty and wonder of the brain, the most complicated and intricate form of creation. The brain is more complicated and intricate than the whole universe. Thus we understand more about the universe than we do of the brain. As we understand the brain more we can treat and cure many disorders and enhance our human qualities.

When we look out at the flowers in the gardens, we see the wonders of nature. When we discover the wonders of the brain we catch a glimpse of God. Flowers are to nature what the brain is to the Divine.



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