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I am hearing many peace and social justice activist express extreme disappointment in President Obama for what he has done or not done in areas of poverty and war. Poverty and War have increased over the least four years. Yet I heard these same people say they will vote for President Obama since he is the least objectionable of the choices. I agree with that statement but do not agree that we should vote for the least objectionable person. After the 2008 elections I stopped voting until we can restore democracy and some real choices again. However, many feel an obligation to vote and I am suggesting the candidate for those who want to vote positive and not for the least objectionable.

Vote for ‘Nobody’. ‘Nobody’ will not disappoint you and will make the country aware of how we must all take responsibility for our government. ‘Nobody’ is not beholding to any financial powers that determine who we can vote for and Nobody will run a clean election. ‘Nobody’ also is not only available for the Presidential election but also for any election when you have no clear choice. ‘Nobody’ is not controlled by the 1% or any group. A vote for ‘Nobody’ is a vote for representation of the people in the government. ‘Nobody’ does not ask for any donations but for your participation in the government.

‘Nobody’ is officially endorsed by the Diary of the Worm. There is a quote from the Indian mystic, Osho, which is important here:
“Nobody can teach you love. Love you have to find yourself, within your being, by raising your consciousness to higher levels.”

A vote for Nobody is a vote for everybody.



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