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A good part of tonight was spent watching the NCAA national championship basketball game. Some would say it was a waste of time to spend so much watching basketball on TV. Maybe so, but there are other ways of wasting time rather than watching sports on TV. Some people spend hours watching news and talk shows; some are abdicated to ‘reality TV’ and some watch entertainment shows and TV comedy and drama series. I agree that it would be better not to watch TV much, but if you do, sports is not a bad choice. I found that having sports on TV in the background I can get some work done, be it slower, but can do it, like I can do while listening to classical music in the background. I cannot do that with other kinds of TV shows where my attention is drawn to words and pictures on the TV.

Some people spend a lot of time and effort at meetings talking about things to do. Some spend a great deal of time and effort working for political candidates. I view these activities the same as watching TV, a distraction to facing reality.

In our busy fast paced world we need some type of distraction to keep our entertainment. Plenty are provided for us by media, talk show host, news reports, drama, political groups and organizations fighting for fighting all kinds of issues.

I fear a little that we all get caught up in so many distractions that we lose focus on particular big issues and failed to work together. Scattered and distracted those big, organized and powerful groups and businesses can control our lives.

A well known political and military tactic is “Divide and Conquer.” A more relevant one in today’s world might be Distract and Conquer.



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