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Invisible hands made visible

In my April 12, 2012 posting I wrote how a liberal lawyer speaker talked about how disappointed she was in Obama and his policies but she was going to vote for him anyway, as he was better than the alternative of Romney. I called her out on this attitude of accepting voting for lesser of two evils and said how it was powerful comment on how our democracy has fallen.

Many people in the audience were upset at my remarks and talked about how glorious it was to vote, even though there were no acceptable choices. Today on the Common Dreams web site there were two articles about President Barack Obama signing the Bill for the HR 3606, the ‘Jump start Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. The title of one of the articles on this progressive site says it all: Why Obama’s JOBS Act Couldn’t Suck Worse. It was an article in “Rolling Stones” magazine.

Thinking that article title was too direct I chose to put on my Feature Article web page the other article: The Real Invisible Hand: George Orwell, and Why We Got JOBs not Jobs. But the message of the two articles is the same: the new job bill will allow Wall Street and the rich, the 1%, to get richer and greedier at the expense of the rest of us, the 99%.

The 1%, the Invisible Hand of Adam Smith, decides on who we can vote for. So why not “shine the spotlight on the invisible hand”, as the author suggest and rather than choose the lesser of two evils. Whoever we elect, the Republican or Democrat choice of the “Invisible Hand”, will not do what we can only do.



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