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Another Time Again by Peter Graf

A great tiredness has descended upon me. I am not sure if it is from my coffee pot breaking and thus having less coffee, the change in the weather, not sleeping good or what? Maybe it is just Earth Day and Mother Nature is telling me to slow down and to live more in the present.

Now I do need to say that when I was working in the garden this afternoon the tiredness of mind lifted. Soil therapy, getting my hands in the soil, does seem to awaken my brain and lift my spirits. Gardening, by its very nature, is slowing down.

What probably happened is that I got myself into one of those busy frames of minds where doing is more important than being. My brain knows better so just shuts down to send me a message to slow down.

At times like this I just need to slow down, do less and clean and organized my office. When my office gets very messy and I do not put things away after working on them it is down to ‘stop, look and listen’. I will try pulling away from some things tomorrow, withdraw from a few projects gently and outside of family obligations just focus on works of mercy, works of resistance and, naturally, work in the gardens. In a strange way doing less has always led to doing more, at least more effectively.

I guess this is part of the death and life cycle of living in the moment. Living in the moment means dying to the past, letting the future be and looking deeper into the present. “When will I ever learn that being is over doing?”



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