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Middle Time is Okay in the Rain
Garden June 26, 2011

Today I went to warehouse sale at SHARE, a nonprofit, volunteer-run food buying club. The sale was from 9am 11am. I got there about 15 minutes after 9. There was a long line waiting outside to get in. I was too late in line to get in at the beginning at the sale. When after nearly an hour of waiting, when I finally went through the line, many food items were sold out. I came early for the sale but half way through the sale it was too late.

There is a monthly plant sale at a commercial company near when I used to live. When the store first opens there is a long line waiting to get in the store for best interior plants on sale. At the end of the day, in mid afternoon the remaining plant prices are drastically cut in price. When I got there it was too early to catch the best plants on sale and yet it was not late enough for the plants to be drastically cut in price.

Observing these two experiences I thought that sometimes coming early or late to events has some benefits. But going to an event in the time in the middle usually does not. Middle Time is not early or late enough.



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