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“To blow the dynamite
of a message
is the only way
to make the message dynamic.” (Peter Maurin, Easy Essay, Blow the Dynamite)

When Catholic High schools Universities become military recruiting and training schools,
When the suicide rate of veterans rises over 80% in the last years,
When the former Prime Minister of Afghanistan accuses the US-led forces in Afghanistan of intentionally killing civilians in his country,
When the US neither confirms or denies a massacre of 41 civilians in Yemen in 2009,
When the USA government stops caring for the poorest and most vulnerable in society,
When USA CIA drone and covert action strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia are intensified under current President killing hundreds of civilians,
When health care is for profit and not for the poor and sick,
It is time to blow the dynamite of our message that all human life is sacred, to teach war no more and to spend money on people not on war.

How do we blow the dynamite on this message and make the message dynamic?
This is the question and requires us to think of new and creative ways to blow the dynamite.
Old methods of protest, signing petitions, voting, being on the defensive and divided and “doing our thing” will not work any longer.
We must come together with new ways of nonviolent warfare just as the military has come together with new ways of killing and teaching people how to kill reflexively..
It is starting to happen with new ways of communicating and awareness.
But it is like an arms race, while the society becomes more and more militarized,
While the Industrial/Military/Education complex rises to power,
We must strike back nonviolently with tools of conflict, civil disobedience and self sacrifice.

“To blow the dynamite of a message is the only way to make the message dynamic.”



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