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Future Home by Peter Graf

Today in our Faith Sharing group the question was “What Gives You Life?” One person in our group started to talk about how routine helped him get through life. Knowing how to get around, where he should be, where his cell phone is helps him get through daily life. Moving is difficult for him and he likes knowing his way home and where things are at home.

Another person in the group talked about just being present in life. How, if one had the basics of life, having more ‘stuff’ did not mean more happiness. If you acquire three times more stuff did not mean you were three times happier. When one had the fundamentals of life, food and shelter, more life was found in being present in the movement. Living simply was her goal.

After we each shared we had an open discussion. To my friend seeking routine and a defined way home I suggest he get a GPS (Global Positioning System) like the one on my phone. I told him the story how when once I misplaced my cell phone when it was on vibration. I went to my computer to find it. The GPS system in the phone knows where it is and sends out a signal. So going on my home computer and using a Google global position system I was able to locate my cell phone. It was in Milwaukee, on my block and in fact on the right side of my house. Looking around that part of the house I found my cell phone underneath the covers on my bed. He was impressed.

For my friend that found life in simply being I said more important than having stuff was being detached from stuff, places, habits and even people. Detachment to me seem the way to be to be home where we are, satisfied with whatever we have.

Suddenly I found myself putting the desire for routine at home and being home to our being together. I said what we all need in life is a GPS to find the home of our being. With such a device we could find our being wherever we are. Some say silence and meditation will get your there and I agree. Being completely silent releases a GPS to find the home of our being.



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