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This morning was a good example of how my life has got so intermixed with digital devices that there can be a human digital breakdown.

This morning I had an appointment with my spiritual director as his place at 9am. I got there about 9am and went in gathering room to wait. He had said in his email confirming the appointment he was driving someone to airport but would be back. I waited and waited. Actually the silence and quite time was refreshing. About 9:30 I was thinking maybe I got the date or time wrong. I checked his email on my smart phone and sure enough it was 9am on 25th. So I waited. About 9:45 another person who lives in the house came by. We chanted a little and I mentioned I was waiting for this person returning from the airport. He was taking a car out and noticed there was no car out. He checked and found the person upstairs in his room. My spiritual director came down and told me that he had made the meeting for 9am on Wednesday, Feb. 24th. I told him that his email said today. We had a nice little talk but he had a 10am meeting so it was brief.

I left there and went to my friendís place. She is an disabled and bed ridden and needed me to take her smart phone into phone store for three things. I had been to that particular store before but checked with my smart phone for the location. There was only one address of this particular cell phone store in the general area. I went the way I had taken before and when I got to an intersection where I thought the store was I pulled aside. I checked my cell phone again and it said the store I was looking for was some miles away. So I went on following the directions of the GPS map on phone. The directions took me to a store of same company but definitely not the one I had been in before. Since I thought all stores for this cell phone company were similar I went in and waited. I waited quite a while and finally a service rep waited on me. I told him the three issues with the phone. He said he could help with one of the issues only since this was not a repair store. The one I intended to go to was a repair store and was where I should be. So I had the one thing done and now must go to the right store next week for repairs.

These errors were human made but due to my dependency on email and GPS on phone. I blindly trusted the email date and the location data of the cell phone company on my phone. That is why I am calling it a Human Digital Breakdown.

At least the Ground Hogís prediction on Feb. 2 of an early spring are coming true, at least in our area. I hope the Ground Hog never gets a digital device.


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