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Injured in act of kindness

Yesterday, in helping to move a friend to Green Bay I injured my middle finger on my right hand. I guess you can say I was injured in a Gospel act of mercy since my friend is very low income. Since the injury limits my typing, like on this posting, you will see limited and briefer nine finger postings the next two weeks.

The day before, March 1st, I also helped a friend move. But this time it was a low income friend with a disability so she had movers. My wife and I were there to be of personal assistance to her as she moved from one supportive living situation to another. I met her brother for the first time and we both recognized each other. After a while we both recognized that we had been jailed together in the County Jail in a Justice for Dontre Hamilton protest.

Today I just drove an elderly priest friend from Burlington to the Airport so he could fly west for some nonviolent resistance against nuclear weapons and war. All went well but after I drove to Mayfair Mall for a 11:30 appointment with a hand doctor life got slow. I thought it was a long wait in the emergency room of the hospital yesterday to get my hand bandaged but today’s wait was worst. I was in the waiting for about a hour and half before seeing the hand doctor and after a half hour of him coming in and out of the room I left with an even more bulky bandage on my middle finger and told to come back in two weeks.

Being injured doing a kind act for poor, ill or senior friends is extra grace and blessings, I hope.


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