I have rightly been accused of writing or talking too much on various issues of peace and social justice. Some say I am passionate and some say I am obsessed. Either way I plead guilty. I have instilled in me to research statements and invite people into real dialog where there be a conflict of beliefs that often can be resolved on common search for the Truth. I do not believe “you have your opinion of truth and I have mine and let’s agree to disagree.” I believe there is a truth that we are seeking and something that is true cannot be half true and something that is false can also be a half-truth. But I would like to be a part of the new generation so here are some one or two liners of issues of peace and justice, some I have researched and some not.

The Milwaukee Central Office of St. Vincent de Paul says Vicentians “Made 4, 955 visits to homes, senior care centers and prisons. The St. Vincent de Paul Council in Milwaukee has no ministry to senior care centers and prisons.

Officials in Milwaukee have known for years that people, especially infants and children, in 70,000 homes are being poisoned by lead in water pipes but have no strategic plan to deal with it.

The downtown of Milwaukee is being developed with new housing units, business development, sports and entertainment, trolley lines to make it more attractive for ‘Millennials’. It should be white, fairly wealthy ‘Millennials’ not black, brown and low income ‘Millennials’.

Marquette University its Catholic Jesuit moral beliefs yet host training for Department of Defense, to train young men and woman in War and Killing.

City and County officials can take any person suffering an emergency, heart attack, stroke, car accident or being shot in commission of crime, with or without consent of person, to any ER of any hospital and they will be treated with one exception. The exception is a person suffering a major brain injury classified as a mental health crisis.

Millions and millions of dollars has been spent by Milwaukee City and County and private and community organization over the years to combat poverty, unemployment, violence and poor education in North and South Central Milwaukee yet these neighbors are become more impoverished and distressed, unemployment remains high, gaps in education between blacks and white is increasing, housing is deteriorating more vacant lots.

Today’s newspaper has a front page article articles about the killing in Brussels of 34 people by ‘Islamic extremists’ and a small ‘briefing’ article about the US Army General, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, apologizing, for the US bombing last year for 29 minutes and 211 shells on a hospital killing 42 innocent civilians.

Elsewhere on www.nonviolentcow.org you can find research and essays backing up these one liners. Just Search on top for probably more than you want to know.


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