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DiaryOfAWorm: We Can Only Hope!

Sadly the 10 principles of How to Get Elected in the USA applied to the local elections last night. I was hoping the election of the County Executive would be an exception to the rules voted yesterday. But the candidate that spent 4 million dollars easily beat my candidate that only spent a few hundred thousand dollars. There was some hope when our million dollar Mayor in his victory speech, winning his fourth four year term, mentioned doing something about lead lateral water pipes to 70, 000 homes in mostly black and Hispanic low income neighborhoods. Maybe now, after 12 years in office, he will do something about the lead poisoning of our children. We can only hope.

The Milwaukee Council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society has spent or loaned nearly 11 million dollars of “money belonging to the poor” in 2013–2015. The problem was that only $225,100 (about 2%) of the money was used for works that involve the personal service of Society members”, which is “works that involve the personal service of Society members”, like home visits. At least this is what the Rule and Manuel of the St. Vincent de Paul requires. Maybe our upcoming “Show Us the Money” picket will provide a glimpse into this injustice to the poor. At least, we can only hope.


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