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Artist rendering of new
Buck’s area. Reminds me of
a cutaway of lead pipe.

Wait a minute! Good Deal or Bad Deal for Bucks area.

Did you hear the good news that a 30 years lease for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team area was signed?

Wait a minute! Who signed the lease for public with Buck owners?

The State Legislature gave Scot Neitzel, state Department of Administration secretary sole power to sign the agreement for public.

The Bucks owners, Wall Street investors, are spending 175 million on the new Buck’s arena.

Wait a minute! How much is the public spending on the arena?

The public, taxpayers, are spending $250 million dollars on area.

Wait a minute! What other expenses is public occurring?

The public will occur hundreds of million dollars on interest. The County sold the downtown land for a $1 and there are infrastructure cost.

The Bucks will pay 1 million dollars a year for rent.

Wait a minute! Who will control the revenue from the arena?

The Bucks will control all revenue from the arena, except for events operated by the district. The teams revenue will include the arena’s naming rights, hosting Marquette University basketball games, concerts and other events.

Along with the 524 million spent on the area the project $500 million in privately financed downtown commercial development, according the Bucks’

Wait a minute! Who will benefit from this investment?

It will be good for those visitors and those living in the newly developed downtown area. The Mayor says the city wants to attract the “Millennials”, that hot market of young adults.

Wait a minute! In all the new real estate development in downtown has there been any affordable housing for low income residents and are there any ‘black Millennials.

The development has been for the wealthy and black young adults, especially low income ones, are not in the Millennials group the Mayor and young adults are talking about.

Wait a minute! The Buck’s deal sounds like bad news to people.


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