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In my perennial garden I can count of particular flowers coming at certain time of spring, summer or fall. As the daffodils fade the tulips are in full bloom. One of my neighbors across the street planted a whole bunch of tulip bulbs between sidewalk and street when our street was being reconstructed last fall. Now there is an abundance of tulips that will come back year after year. Tulips and other perennial flowers, with a little care come up every year.

A friend called the other day, someone I had not talked to or seen for a long time. Although she struggles personally and for social justice she always seems hopeful and optimistic. She is a forever tulip.

Today while taking a friend to see a doctor in a clinic I was this quote on the wall. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) This bible quote also reminds me of tulips. Faith like tulips is something we hope for and gives us a glimpse into the spiritual life as tulips give us a glimpse of the beauty of nature.

So once we plant tulips bulbs they bloom year after year, forever. Once we make a good friend the friend is a friend forever. Once our faith grows it is forever. Tulips, friends and faith are forever.


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