Bob was coming into the house from working in the garden with his five year old granddaughter, Carolee.

In the kitchen Carolee said: “I am thirsty. Grandpa can I have a glass for water. “

Grandpa Bob “Certainly Carolee, I will get you a glass and fill it up with bottle water in our refrigerator.”

Carolee: No Grandpa, I just asked for a glass. Grandma put a stool by the Kitchen sink so I could help her do the dishes. I can get my own drink of water.”

Grandpa Bob says “Please do not drink the water” from the faucet. I have some cold water in the refrigerator.

Carolee: “What is wrong with the water in the sink?”

Grandpa Bob: “It might have some bad stuff in it.”

Carolee: “What bad stuff?

Grandpa: Bob “It is called lead.”

Carolee: “What is lead?”

Grandpa Bob: “Lead is a bad thing that can hurt young children like you.”

Carolee: “Do we have lead in our water at home?”

Grandpa: “No because you live a newer house that is not old like this one.”

Carolee: “All our water comes from the Lake with Lead?”

Grandpa: “Water coming from the Lake does not have lead. The lead comes in the in old homes like this as it passes through lead water pipes.

Carolee: “Does the Mayor know about this? My daddy says the Mayor is a good man and cares about children.”

Grandpa Bob: “Yes, the Mayor knows about the lead water pipes.”

Carolee: “What is he doing about this bad stuff in water?”

Grandpa: “The Mayor talks about it but I do not think he has a plan yet.”

Carolee: “Grandpa, What should Mayor and City do to get rid of lead water pipes?”

Grandpa: “The City needs to replace all lead water pipes in all the houses that has them. Now can I ask you not to drink the water in the sink but the water in the refrigerator?”


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