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A Facebook Friend, a retired African American Judge, led me to the web site of BAR, Black Agenda Report, black left newsletter. There I discovered this poem by a poet in residence at BAR, Raymond Nat Turner:

Terror Tuesday is what the White House calls the basement meetings at which the First Black President profiles and targets individuals and groups of people for summary assassination anywhere from Somalia to Standing Rock. Before Donald Trump even assumes the Oval Office, it’s already the new normal.

Tuesday Takeout
by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

The Commander has a menu:
Yemeni youth at an outdoor café
Grandmother, grandsons gardening okra
in Afghanistan
Hospital in Pakistan
Menu for us, too:
BP Seafood in Sauce of Crude
Gasoline Spill Soup
Bomb Train Tatar
Baked Buffoon’s overdone—
Stinks—like food poison on a plate;
PTS: Permission To Shudder,
Clinging to crimson combat boots
Of Golda-plated Iron Lady
Haliburton, Boeing, General Dynamic,
Monsanto, Exxon Chefs cut corners,
substitute cuts, pass off overpriced,
over-spiced, sodium-laden,
Empty calorie dishes as democracy

We have a menu too:
To our left, two doors down
Resistance Buffet—new dishes constantly—
Ain’t cheap—but all you can eat—filling,
stick to your ribs, seconds are cool—
Even thirds, fourths…of:
Lunch Counter Sit-in
Mass Meeting
Arab Spring Rolls
Tunisian Salad
Standing Rock Soup
Wildcat Strike
Ferguson Fries
Bus Boycott
Occupy/ Wisconsin Coffee


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