Green, Blue, Red, Black and White

The Green Party does not like the way the Presidential Election went,
(If Clinton had won I doubt if they would be so upset)
So are spending millions and millions of dollars to recount the votes,
Which will most likely make no difference.
The Green Party is all for environment, making it sustainable and healthy,
(That is the principle at least)
But is spending no money to campaign for safe water for our children,
Especially, Black and Brown children who suffer most from toxic lead in water.
The Green Party has the green money to make a big thing about a little thing
But does not have the green money to make a big thing about a big thing.
Maybe the Green party should change its name to the Green and Blue party
Since they support Democrats and hate the turning of States Red.
Or better yet, Greens can rise up with a Rainbow party,
Where Whites, Blacks, Browns, Blues, Reds, Blue and Greens
Can Work Together to Make America great for everyone!


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Page last modified on November 30, 2016

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