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DiaryOfAWorm: Black Lives Matter: Three Men Shot in Car

About a week ago I heard on the radio that a young man was found shot to death in a car on the North side of Milwaukee. I felt sad for the young man and his family. No name was given to the young man and there were no suspects in the homicide. I remembered there was another man found shot in a car recently on the North side. Later I found out both their names. Not much was reported about these two young man. Due to the lack of media attention, the lack of suspects and the location of the two homicides I thought they were both young black men. They were.

The other night in the TV news I heard about an older white man who was found shot in the car, also on the North side. His name was identified on the report and the Mayor, Police Chief were on the scene to talk about this tragic death of a city worker. The next day there were five suspects in custody, although none of them had been charged. A newspaper article had family and friends testimony of what a wonderful person he was.

Three deaths of human beings shot in a car on the North Side. One, the older white man, got proper remembrance and was presented as a true tragedy. The other two, young black men, were mentioned in passing. All three were a tragedy and maybe if we gave as much attention to the two black lives we could slow down the killing of young black men.


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