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DiaryOfAWorm: Drop Food Not Bombs!

In retaliation for an alleged Syrian chemical attack that killed human beings, including children,
The US drops 85 million dollars of Cruise missiles on a Syrian air base killing human beings;
If the US would have dropped 85 million dollars of food on Syria
Many adults and children would have been saved from starvation and grateful to the US.
The US sells Saudi Arabia millions of dollars of weapons to bomb Yemen,
Killing people, including starving children.
The millions of dollars for destruction could have been used to rebuild Yemen and fed the children.
US gives 11 million dollars a day of military aid to Israel,
Used to suppress Palestinians and promote unrest in the Middle East.
11 million a day of food and supplies could bring peace and harmony between peoples.
The US Defense budget grows bigger and bigger every year,
So the US can drop more and more bombs each day destroying crops and people,
While more and more children go hungry in the US and around the world
When will we, US, ever learn to drop food not bombs?


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