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The Director of the FBI interfered with results of 2016 election
When he reopened the email case of Clinton right before the election
Now the Director of the FBI is leading the investigation of how Russia may have interfered with 2016 elections.

Some of the liberal media are criticizing and marginalizing Wiki Leaks,
Where a short time ago they were praising and honoring Wiki Leaks.
In his first public statement the new Director of the CIA is criticizing and marginalizing Wiki Leads

Some on the left are blaming and criticizing the Presidents of US, Venezuela, and South Africa
For all the woes the people in these countries face,
Where before these US Presidential election they were not blaming presidents of these countries for same woes.

Bennie Sanders got support of left in the presidential election of 2016.
But after being dumped on by the Democrats and Clinton,
He supports the Democrats and Clinton in pushing for militarism, and other toxic things he spoke against.

Senator Tammy Baldwin won the election in 2012 as peace and justice candidate.
Now she is supporting militarism and more arms
And she is still the candidate of most on left and liberals in Wisconsin.

Some on the left and liberals say President Trump is not their president
The will not allow politicians to corporate with President or Republicans
Yet for eight years with a Democratic President they were sleeping on evils done.

The 1% has gained 99% of wealth in world
While the poor and middle class, republicans and Democrats
Are pitted against each other for a share of 1% of wealth.

The Wall Street and Defense contractor Presidential Candidate lost
Big money did not win
Yet Wall Street and Defense contractors are still winning.

Some on the left and liberals blame Trump and conservatives for everything bad that happens
Some on the right and conservatives blame Obama and Democrats for everything bad that happens
Yet it is US, United States, or us, we the people, that are responsible for US.


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