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F-35,the most expensive weapon
in history of world

How to Stop Militarism in the USA? A Reflection

A Nation/World news Brief in today’s paper(Nov.17) may provide a clue. It simply said that “Congress on Thursday sent President Donald Trump a bill authorizing a $700 billion budget for the military.” This is the Congress that represents us, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. This is the Defense Budget, significantly higher than Trump proposed, that all but eight Senators voted for, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. When I explained Senator Baldwin’s major role in supporting militarism friends say “oh well she is good on other issues.” Does not excess military spending that hurts the poor most of all and promotes endless wars and killing of human beings all over the world trump some of these other “issues.” I know these good people will vote for Senator Baldwin no matter how immoral and wrong she is on military spending. The same could be said in reverse for Republican and conservatives, they will be loyal no matter what their candidate or party does.

This reminds me of the first Army value which is to be “upheld above all other values an individual may have.” It is “Loyalty. Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers. …” In contrast the first Gospel value and value of many faiths is “Respect for the Life and Dignity of Each Individual” The Army says to kill “reflexively to stimuli—such as fire commands, enemy contact, or the sudden appearance of a ’target’”, without use of conscience. Loyal liberals and Democrats, loyal conservatives and Republicans say, no matter what, I must be loyal to party or movement, even when it is wrong.

So how do we stop militarism in the US? It is to stop supporting or voting for people like Senator Baldwin and other Democrats and Liberals who vote for arms to kill. President Trump and Senator Baldwin say Military Spending Brings Jobs. Actually the money between Trump’s proposed military budget and the one Senator Baldwin and others voted for is enough to put every young person through college in the USA. Would that not produce more sustainable jobs?

It is strange that the Defense industry and liberal groups both financially support Senator Baldwin. When during the Bush area the US was giving 6 million a day for the military of Israel some Democrats and liberals were outraged. Last fall when President Obama raised it to 10.5 million dollars a day in military aide to Israel there was not a whimper from the same group. The same could be said for Republicans and Conservatives. Militarism will only end when we (US) say no to candidates of left or right who support this immoral and crazy military spending.

So the answer to stopping militarism is simple: stop supporting, finically or by vote, candidates that support militarism. Otherwise we will keep getting ‘endless militarism” and the wars and killing necessary to feed its growth. Petitions, Letters and Phone calls do not work. We need nonviolent action now. As Albert Einstein said: “insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”


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