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DiaryOfAWorm: No Matter What: An Easy Essay

Republicans cannot vote for Democrats
No Matter What
Democrats cannot vote for Republicans
No Matter What
Voting for a third party is a waste
No Matter What
Voting for no one is non-acceptable
No Matter What.

Voting in America means little
The person with most money usually wins
This is what we fight and die for
No Matter What.

When a politician, Democrat or Republican,
Votes for something we abhor
We are loyal to the person
No matter what.

When other governments leave you no choice
We call it totalitarianism
When we get no good choices
We call it Democracy
No Matter What.

We are told to vote for the lesser of two evils
But lesser evil is still evil
No Matter What!

In this system nothing changes by word, petitions, phone calls, email or even votes
History tells us that all change comes from nonviolent direct action.
But the “powers that be” say conflict is bad.
No Matter What.


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