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DiaryOfAWorm: Pay Your Taxes!

Pay Your Taxes!
Today we went to our tax advisor to learn how much we owed in Federal Taxes.
I felt dirty and unclean giving the U, S. government this money
Knowing that over 50% of Federal Discretionary Budget goes to the Military.
My money is being used to arm persons to kill persons.
Yet, out of Fear, I pay my Federal Taxes, not wanting to face the consequences.
My local property tax bill came this year with an explanation
That 49% of the bill was for public safety.
Public safety means, for the most part, capture and punishment of those accused of breaking the law.
It does not deal with causes of crime and violence, poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable housing and education and lead water.
But I pay these taxes, knowing that my representatives, Republicans and Democrats do not represent me, my values and beliefs.
I pay out of obedience to some lower order that compels me to do so and punishes me if I do not.
Children go hungry, killing breeds more killing, and Taxes get paid.
For we are the US, Exceptional, Masters of War, Worshipers of ‘More Money’.


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