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DiaryOfAWorm: Fake News,Fake History, Fake PR

Today the national news on NBC reported the top five airlines in the USA. The local news had the same story but the top five were in a different order. I checked the web and found another recent ranking of top five with a different ranking. Fake news?

Marquette University will officially release a website that has a timeline of student protest from 1967–1971. Many events are sited but the major protests events are skipped. An example of fake history.

The Mayor has been slow to develop a plan to rid African American and Hispanic neighborhoods of lead lateral water pipes. The city for years has been operating a lead abatement program for lead paint but has failed in coming up with a plan to replace lead water lines. Today at a press conference he blamed the paint companies for the concern of lead water pipes. Lead in paint and lead in water is toxic and injures children, especially 6 and under whose brain is being developed. How does a fetus or baby too young to crawl get lead in their system from lead paint? It is demonstrated how water brings the toxic lead to their developing brain and body. This is Fake PR.


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