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DiaryOfAWorm: Digital Generation

I asked a friend today why in 1968, without Facebook, Email or any social media how we communicated and organized so much nonviolent direct action. His answer was that without social media we had time to talk to each other and organize.

Reviewing the year 1968 in Milwaukee I saw how much was going on from lunch boycotts of middle school students to open housing marches, protest at the universities to the burning of 1A draft records. Today we can communicate more but do less in terms of organizing and taking direct action. We have more means of communication but do less. Rather than protest injustice, we go to social media to sign a petition or complaint.

The people who control the media control us. We are divided into Republicans or Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals. We vote on stereotypes but not with our feet and action. Civil disobedience has become a bad word. We rather talk to our own kind rather than debate with those we do not agree with.

Everywhere, on the streets, in the homes or at sporting events we are watching the screen, big and small. We communicate more but talk less. We are on top of what is happening but know not what it means. We react but not reflect. ‘Instanity’, instant responses without thought, becomes the norm, not critical thinking.

Media tells us what is important and what is not. We are controlled by the phone, computer and TV. We are addicted to news but know not what it means. We vote and support “our kind” no matter how immoral their actions may be.

We are the digital generation being controlled by the media gatekeepers. We know what is happening all over the world but feel little. Compassion for poor, distressed and victims of war and violence becomes just another cause. We see more but less. We are the digital generation.
We are walking robots with our buttons being pushed by controllers of media. We are the digital generation.


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