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Growing Renewable, Affordable Food (G.R.A.F)

In Your Home & Garden

Watch a brief slide show with music about Home Model of Growing Power. Slides by Bob Graf and Music by Harvey Taylor


The G.R.A.F. System grew out of the “Diary of the Worm”, Bob’s Daily Journal of the Growing Power home model — see the Growing Power home model current entries. It is based on work by Will Allen, founder of Growing Power, who has endeavored to bring healthy food to the general public through advocacy of intensive, organic farming on a local, national and international level. To paraphrase Will’s approach: “if you have healthy soil, you can grow good food: if people eat good food, they will be healthy”. This effort is to bring the power of this way of growing into your home and garden. You can reach us, Andor Horvath and Bob Graf at

The G.R.A.F. System components are designed to bring healthy production techniques within reach, year round, for all — even for those who have limited or no access to outdoor growing areas. This is accomplished through a system of components, easy to purchase or build, that enable individuals, families and communities to grow renewable, affordable food on a smaller scale in their home or garden while retaining the healthy and effective practices of Growing Power’s intensive urban community farming model. At present there are two designs by Andor Horvath that can be purchased: a home GP plant stand, and a vertical outdoor growing unit. There are two other units for which we are developing plans: a GP box for a sun-room, built by Loren Browne, and a worm condo based on the ones at Growing Power.

Andor demonstrating components at Outpost

G.R.A.F. System How To

For nearly two years Bob Graf has been inspired by his experience on a Growing Power tour to bring this way of growing to a practical home and garden approach. His daily reflections on his experience, plus other experiences of life, can be found on the Diary of a Worm. There you can learn how to make healthy soil from waste, how to make castings or ‘black gold’ in a worm condo, about a depository, about growing indoors in the winter, how to make ‘tea’ for organic fertilizer and much more. With the help of Tegan Dowling, Bob’s editor (or “wiki gnome”), we hope to gather these reflections into a ‘how to’ booklet soon.

For now, however, we will on this site place samplings from the diary that deal with some of the fundamentals of Growing Renewable Affordable Food in the home and residential garden. The first ones are diary entries of Nov. 6–8th, 2006 that illustrate, in pictures and words, the basic formula of the home model of Growing Power.

Bob’s Home Garden in 06

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