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GRAF: System Components

For purchase of the Plant Stand or Vertical Grower contact G.R.A.F. at

Plant Stand

The “2 x 4” G.R.A.F. System Plant Stand is offered as a means to discover and reap the benefits of healthy growing habits and good eating on an economical and sustainable basis. It is a compact unit, optimized for indoor production of healthy sprouts, seedlings, greens/herbs and other vegetables or decorative plants. It comprises all the elements of a small ecosystem (educational inquiries are welcomed).

Shown in the “2 x 4” configuration, (two containers per shelf x 2 shelves, approx 28” long x 18–1/2″ wide x 31–1/2″ tall) this Plant Stand offers the following:

The Vertical Grower

The G.R.A.F. GP Vertical System is designed for intensive gardening in a small space with integrated vermiculture/vermicomposting features

The base supports two large containers optimized for a healthy growing medium (see below), a collection tray, and a trellis

Ideal for climbing vegetables (tomatoes, beans, cucumbers etc) or flowering vines with companion plants at base

Disassembles for easy and convenient winter storage

Containers are ready to use as winter vermicomposting bins

Approximate size as shown 26” wide by 36” deep at base by ~6’ tall (all dimensions can be built to suit)

Pricing for unit shown begins at $95 (includes containers but not growing medium). Recycled materials are used where possible, for custom woods and sizes please inquire

G.R.A.F. GP units are all based on the belief that you need good soil to grow good food. The Growing medium is rough compost, worms, castings and coir. Rough compost and castings can be made (see G.R.A.F. System How To) or purchased along with coir and worms at Growing Power, 55th and Silver Spring.

Worm Condo

Worm Condo

The main purpose of the worm condo is to be a work area which worms can eat compost and produce castings or “black gold.” Castings are valuable growing soil that can be used as part of the rich sil to grow plants in, to directly fertilize plants or make “tea.” A “worm condo” is a valuable asset to every home model GP garden or community garden on vacant lots in the city.

Our worm condo is outside, a single unit, and was built by my son’s friend Loren Browne, a professional painter and home improvement person (265 7822), in the spring of 06. It is more like Will Allen’s original ones. It is made from scrape wood and is 34″H X 34″W X 54″L. The box is off the ground and the back post are higher than the front. There is a plastic liner under the box and the base of the box have open spots so the ‘tea’ runs through and is collected in the front of the box.

For more information on Worm Condos and how they are used please see
GRAF System How To

GP Home Box

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