On May 1st, 2008, Papa Bob was a chaperon for Dustin Graf on a school field trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Here is the story of the day with picture taken by Papa Bob and Dustin, and words by Dustin.

I have researched the rain forest
in my second grade class in Pulisk, WI.
I saw koalas,termite nest, a big waterfall,
trees, vines, clovers and flowers in this rain forest exhibit.

We saw a sea monster dianosour
skeleton. I have read some books on
dianosaurs plus we made recylopes in class.
These were models of diansaurs made out of
recyclable materials.

This is Samson. He used to be
a famous primate at the zoo in Milwaukee.
This is his real body.

I am sitting by a person
in Old Milwaukee.

In the butterfly experience you got
to walk in. The butterflies were drinking nectar.

There were some butterflies on leaves.

This is a bear attacking a bee
hive. When the bees stings the bear the bees died.

These triceretopes were found in the ground.

The Rhinosaurus is grazing in this exhibit.

The moutain goats look weird
because they sense something will attack them.

This gazelles are running from a lion
They do not want to be dead.

Doesn’t this look real. I took this
picture of beavers diving, swoming plus having fun.

The hawk is looking for worms.

The moose are fighting. I have a snake around my neck.

I am sitting by the skeletons of
many different mammals.

This is a butterfly on a leaf.
I had a butterfly on me but it flew away
before Grandpa could get a picture.

My friends, Preston, Carson and I were riding a giant
beatle. We saw a lot of big bugs.

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