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GrafFamily: Interview with Carolee

Parts of an interview with Carolee taken over about three days on a recorder in the cell phone. Carolee was very distracted by the changing colors of the cell phone while recording but she did give us some bits of two-year-old wisdom. The characters are: P =Papa, (64), C = Carolee, (2) D= Dustin (6)

Carolee on food and drink

Carolee eating first grapeleave

Papa: “What are you doing?” Carolee: “Nothing to eat.”
P. What do you like to eat?” C. “Christmas”.
P. What food? C. “Hot Dogs.” P. “What else?” C. “Pasta?” P. “Do you like Pasta?” C. “No, Yes.”
P. “What do you like to drink?” C. “Cow.” P. “Milk from Cow”? P. “How does a cow make milk?” C. “Water” P. What else? C. (Unintelligible response.)

Carolee on Family

P. “Do you have any brothers?” C. (Nods yes) P. “Do you know brothers name?” C. “Carson, DJ”
P. “Who is the biggest?” C. “Carson, DJ”
P. Where is your Mommy now? C. “Papa” P. “That ‘s me.”
P “What does Papa have on his face?” C. “Tongue”
P. “Where is your daddy?” C. “I need daddy.”

Carolee on royalty

P. “Who is the princess in this house?” C. “I am.”
P. “Are you really a princess?” C. “Yeah.” P. “What makes you a princess?” Silence. P. “What is the princess name?” C “Crown”. P. “Princess Crown?”
P. “How are you a princes” C. “Yeah, because I got money”. P. “Are you really a princess?” C. “You are princess.”
P. “Who are princesses?” C. “Old people”.
P. “What is the princess doll’s name?” C. “DJ.” P. “DJ, DJ is not a prince.” C. “Carson is?” P. “Carson is a King. Who am I?” C. No response.

Carolee at McDonalds

P. “Do you like McDonalds?” C. “I love McDonalds”. P. “Do you like the Apple pieces? C. “I like the toy. “

Carolee on Gardening

Graf Kids and thier compost pile

P. “What about worms?” C. “Worms are all right”. P. “Where are the worms?” C. (No response) P.”What do you feed them?” C. “Apples, oranges. P. “Where are they?” C. She points to backyard. P. “What do you have in your garden?” C. “Cheese? “

Dustin interviews Carolee

D. What is your favorite color? C. “Green.” DJ. “Do you like fireworks?” C. “Yes.”
D. What would you say about your brothers?” C. “Carson, orange, Dustin red, Grandpa, White?”
D What does the colors mean? Or I get it, you are saying the color shirt we are wearing.”
D. Why do you wear this top all the time, why all day C. “Because.
D. “Do you like being cute?” C. “Cheese.”

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