By Carson Graf age 10

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam. He was sitting in the shed when his friend Tim came up. Tim said “Someone stole my pizza” So they went to the Pizza parlor to look around for clues. The found one! They found some fingerprints at the table that Tim was sitting at. Sam asked Tim, “Where were you when the pizza went missing?” “In the restroom to wash my hands.” They didn’t find any more clues so they just went home to think about it.

The next day, Tim came up to Sam again and he said “Someone stole my pizza again!” Sam asked, “Where you were this time?” “I was going to get a fountain drink. I had put my pizza down and went to get a drink. When I turned around it was gone!” They go to the pizza parlor and all they find this time was spilled soda.

Carson Eating

Sam said I think that you buy another pizza and we will set a trap. Sam and Tim figured out a plan. Sam was sitting at another table when Tim went to buy his pizza. Tim put the pizza on the table and then went to the restroom to wash his hands. Immediately a waiter came to clear the tables. It was Billy! Sam said “STOP!” Billy dropped the pizza. Tim came out of the restroom and saw his pizza on the floor. Sam said “Billy, why would you do such a thing!” Billy said “What are you talking about? My job is to clear the tables.” Sam said “Why would you take a whole pizza?” Billy said “I don’t know. People have been leaving whole pizzas on their tables all week.” Tim said “Those were my pizzas!” Billy said “Why would you want to throw away a whole pizza? What a waste of money.” Tim and Sam looked at each other and laughed. The mystery of the missing pizza was solved.

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