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Blessed Trinity Parish, Milwaukee November 2010

‘’Blessed Trinity Parish Mission Statement:
Because we believe, we celebrate together, and reach out to all’‘.

Blessed Trinity Parish Vision 2012:

To conjoin parish administration and operation with another, neighboring parish by June 30, 2012, retaining our present pastor during this period to make best use of his experience to maintain our ministry and facilitate the transition. We intend this period to enable us to continue our parish mission—“Because we believe, we celebrate together and reach out to all”—beyond June 2012: in the form of shared worship, formation, and administration, and outreach to our current neighborhood.

Through a neighborhood outreach center we envision continuing
o to serve its corporal needs (food pantry, clothing bank, and other Vincentian efforts),
o to promote sustainability and stewardship of Mother Earth,
o to educate and advocate for justice,
o to promote neighborhood alliances and networks, and
o to offer opportunities for prayer and adult education and formation.

- In placing the parish campus up for sale, we effectively move away from the administration of a property in which we have a 10% useage stake.

- In joining with another parish, we cede all control of Blessed Trinity Parish as we have known it.

- We commit the sale of property proceeds and any parish reserved funds for transfer expenses and the start-up and perpetual maintenance of the Blessed Trinity Outreach.

-We lose the current Blessed Trinity campus site; we maintain the identity and mission of Blessed Trinity thru the establishment of a neighborhood Outreach site.

-We lose the assignment of a priest/pastor 6/30/12; a lay director of the Blessed Trinity Outreach will be provided and salaried by the Blessed Trinity Outreach Board of Directors.

-Administration of all funds after 6/30/12 will follow standard, Archdiocesan trust/endowment/reserved funds procedures, with members from the Blessed Trinity Outreach Board and other parishioners.

-In conjoining with another, neighboring parish, we preserve the opportunity to worship together.

-Those faithful and loyal to Blessed Trinity will be served (thru death) under the provisions of canon law by the newly conjoined parish.

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