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Here are some of the contributors, big and small, to these three essays. There are others and to all I say Thank You.

Robert E. Graf (St. Thomas Aquinas class of 1957, Marquette University High School, class of 61; Jesuit College, Marquette University, 61’−65’; St. Louis University, 65’−67’, B. Ph & L.; Marquette University, graduate student 67’ – 68’; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Masters of Urban Education, 1972. Masters of Pastoral Science, Loyola University, 1998)

Fr. Steven Avella, history professor at Marquette University, author “In the Richness of the Earth, A History of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee 1843–1958”, Marquette University Press, 2002.

Bob Beaumier, Marquette University High School graduate and editor for this article

Father Carl Diederichs, Pastor of All Saints Catholic Church

Beth Hohenfeldt, Volunteer Coordinator of St. Vincent De Paul regional office

Rev. Jack Kern, Pastor of St. Catherine’s Catholic church

Mary Krolikowski. Past co-chair of parish council at Blessed Trinity, present parish council member of St. Catherine.

Fr. David Preuses OFM Cap, Pastor of St. Martin De Pores Catholic church

John Pawassarat, Research Associate at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Joe Radoszewski, Marquette University High School graduate and chief editor for this article

Sr. Regina Marie Maibusch, Advisory committee of St. Albert Trust Fund

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