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Why I did not Vote!

Children of Haiti

Children of Palestine

Children of Pakistan

Children in Milwaukee

One of the victims killed
by the US soldiers.
Revolutionary Association
of the Women of
Afghanistan (RAWA)

Two Victims of
US War on Iraq

31 persons were killed in Waziristan,
Pakistan while at prayer in this US
drone attack in September 2010

Facts: Marquette Is The Only One!

1 Marquette: ONLY US Jesuit University campus to host 3 military schools: Army-Navy/Marines-Air Force.
2 Marquette: One of ONLY 2 US Catholic Universities to host all 3 departments of the military on campus.
3 Marquette: Trains military officers on campus for wars in Iraq & Afghanistan & Pakistan.
4 Marquette University would not lose Federal grants if it chose not to host the military on it’s campus.
5 Hosting military schools on campus is a choice. Most universities choose not to host military schools for academic, ethical and moral reasons.
6 Marquette University students could participate in ROTC without MU hosting the military on campus.
7 The military science department at Marquette teaches values contrary to Gospel and Catholic values.
8 Marquette University officials and administrators have not answered the question: “Why do you allow military training for war on MU’s campus”?

War Spending Records of Congressperson Gwen Moore and James Sensenbrenner.

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