Creative Nonviolent Direct Action

Jesuit Universities, Be Faithful to the Gospel and Teach War No More

Where: On Campuses of Catholic Jesuits Universities that host Department of Defense Military Officer Training, ROTC, NROTC or AFROTC.

When: Nov. 16m 2017 Feast of Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador Time:

Inscribed in stone over the door of the Basilica on the Notre Dame Campus it reads, “GOD - COUNTRY – NOTRE DAME”. Below reads, “In Glory Everlasting”. Does this declaration reflect the values that Notre Dame stands for, equating God, the USA and Notre Dame as equal and everlasting?

Notre Dame is one of 24 Catholic Universities that hosts Department of Defense military training centers (ROTC) and hosts three military training bases on campus. These military training bases, by their own admission, teach war and killing, [[killing without conscience. In return for hosting the military the universities receive money, honor and pride from the U.S. Government.

St. Ignatius surrenders his sword
before the altar of Black Madonna
at Montserrat

Seventeen of the Catholic Universities that host Departments of the Military on campus are Jesuit Catholic Universities. The Jesuits were founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola, a former soldier. To become a companion of Jesus Christ, he surrendered his weapons of war and the glory of being a soldier of the court to become One with the poor and vulnerable. In his famous work, The Spiritual Exercises, he talks about the three temptations of evil being riches, honor and pride. Are not these the lure of voluntarily hosting the Department of Defense on Jesuit campuses?

On Nov. 16, 2017 we celebrate the feast of the El Salvadoran Jesuit Martyrs who were killed by USA trained military. One of the Jesuit martyrs in El Salvador was Father Ignacio Ellacuria S.J. In a 1985 interview with an American Jesuit Ellacuria was asked about ROTC at Georgetown University, a Jesuit university in Washington D.C. His response was: “Tell the Jesuits of Georgetown that they are committing mortal sin because they are supporting the forces of death which are killing our people.”
The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is clear: do not kill, love your enemies, do good to those that harm you, be willing to die for your faith and values and not kill for them. The message of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Father Ellacuria S. J. and our Jesuit Catholic Pope is clear, violence and war lead only to death.

On November 16, 2017 there will be nonviolent actions at the Jesuit Catholic Universities asking the Jesuits to be faithful to the Gospel and no longer host Departments of Military Sciences (ROTC, NROTC and AFROTC). The Gospel of Jesus Christ is clear: Love your enemies, do not kill them. The Catholic Church does not support modern day warfare and killing without conscience. Yet Notre Dame and the Jesuit Catholic Universities hold the country and their own self-interests over the teachings of the Gospel and the Catholic Church.

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