Most of these items and services you can purchase directly at an affordable price from the person(s) who provide the services or create the item. They are called ‘Just Trade’ instead of ‘Fair Trade’ because many of the items and services can be purchased directly from the source and thus are more affordable, since no cost is included for ‘middle men’ to certify that they are ‘Fair Trade.’ Also services are provided directly without a third party. Hopefully in the near future we will be adding many more ‘Just Trade’ products’ particularly from Guatemala, India & USA where we can verify they were created or provided by a local persons who are receiving a fair price for the product or service. You will find ‘just trade’ products to be quality ones and affordable and accessible to persons of all incomes.

If you have products to add to this list please contact

Fair Trade For All Store

Fresh Pita Bread at Attari’s Supermarket, 3042 S. 13th St. Milw. WI

Products from the India of Mahatma Gandhi

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