Lead in Milwaukee Water by the Numbers

0 Amount of Lead in Water for children, infants and fetuses considered safe by EPA and CDC.
0 dollars of City taxpayer’s money committed to lead lateral replacement program for 70,000 households with lead lateral water pipes.
5 effects of lead exposure for children, reduced IQ, learning disabilities, decreased growth, hyperactive and antisocial behavior, and impaired hearing.
6 years and younger, included fetuses Lead is a poison that affects virtually every system in the body and is particularly harmful to the developing brain.
9 Number of public officials facing prosecution over lead contamination in water in Flint, Michigan.
9 Milwaukee Common Council Members voted for Streetcar and extension downtown.
12 Milwaukee Common Council members voted to City Financing plan for Bucks arena
5 micrograms per deciliter or more is the level of Lead in children’s blood that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Wisconsin Department of Health is dangerous and known to cause serious health problems and brain damage.
4.9 % of children tested in Flint Michigan who had dangerous levels of lead in blood, over 5 micrograms, in 2015.
8.5% of children tested in City of Milwaukee who had dangerous levels of lead in blood, over 5 micrograms, in 2015
19.9% of children tested in Milwaukee ZIP 53206 who had dangerous levels of lead in blood, over 5 micrograms, in 2015
24% Higher Homicide Rate for Cities, like Milwaukee, with Lead Laterals.
40% to 60% Amount of Exposure of infants to lead from drinking water who consume mostly mixed formula.
7881 Homes in Milwaukee Zip 53206 have lead lateral water pipes.
70,000 Homes in Milwaukee, mostly in impoverished and minority neighborhoods have lead lateral water pipes.
12 million dollars of City Water bill revenue put into the General Fund of City of Milwaukee
20 Million dollars City taxpayer’s money committed to 4th street extension of downtown streetcar.
59 Million dollars of City Taxpayer money committed to Streetcar serving downtown residents and tourist.
72 Million dollars Estimate amount by City Comptroller of City of Milwaukee taxpayer’s money to new basketball arena and business development in the area.

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