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Creole Translation provide for some poems.


This is a call of unity and solidarity to the people all over the earth. It reminds us how the misery of a country like Haiti should bring pain in heart of people in Japan as joyfullness of France should rejoice the soul of Brazil.

There is only one world
Never it has been two
This is why as Haiti is mine
It is also everyones

The same sun shining in Africa
Light the flower of Alaska
The morning star in Hinche
Bright the morning in China

In Havana as in Lascahobas
Children laugh and smile the same
When parents remember to take time
Sharing wonderful and magic moments

The world is not huge
The world is small
There is no alien soil
We all belong to the same globe

All harm in the pacific ocean
Will bring pain in the Miragoane lake
But all trees planted in Savane desole
Will send life to the four corners of the world

Yon sl t

Pa gen de t
Lat se yon sl
Se pou sa Ayiti pam
Menm jan li paw
Limy soly la klere
Menm jan toupatou
Tankou fe datifis ak pidetwal
Ki pa ta janm mande tenyen
F yon ti fmen je ou
Pran yon ti tan pou reflechi
Ak ti flannen ak paranw
De ti kote ou paka bliye
Bat pou santi ti van fre sa, frem
Ki f bl kars pou lestomak ou
L ou pawoze b bel plaj nou yo
Ki pote nan kw bl souvni
Lat pa gwo,
Lat piti, mas
Pa gen t etranje
Nou tout se abitan menm t a
Pitit gason ak pitit fi menm papa
Ki soti nan menm vant menm zantray


This is a reminding of the Gods message. It tells in detail: the call of Jesus in Matthew 5:9 for Christians to work as a peace worker.

A message to fly
For the wind to take
To bring in all over the season
Far away within heaven
To land in attentive ears
To raise in lovely hearts

A message to whisper
For our mind to change
So we forgive the past
And face tomorrow today.

A message to race
To make the world tour
And return restless
For another tour

A message to remember
To listen the call answer to the mission
That as Christians we should
Spread it everywhere
Until all souls understand
That it is coming from God
Calling us to be one in peace

Yon bl mesaj

Yon bel mesaj pou van bote
Soti byen lwen anwo nan syl
Al gaye nan kat sezon
Pou ateri nan zry ki sou sa

Yon bl mesaj
Ki grandi nan k lanmou
Pou chanje k
Pou rive padone lepase
Epi panse pi byen a kounya

Yon bl mesaj
Pou al f tou dimon
Epi tounen ank san bouke
Pou f plizy lt ank

Yon bel mesaj lap
Pou di wi ak misyon an
Kote chak kretyen dwe
Gaye mesaj la toupatou
Pout tout moun rive konprann
Ke mesaj la p soti nan bondye
Ki vle nou tout f yon sl nan lap


It is a sort of prayer that should inspire all chritians devoted to do one in their heart with God.

Penetrating everyone with strong conscience
Even in the darkness is seen your light
Another way youre always right
Collecting everyone with big heart
Energy and for our life youre the salt
Peace- Peace Oh Peace my science
Come and penetrate my conscience

Men menm toutouni san pantalon

Ki pa panse bare ak gan
Poum manyen moun pa yo
Mwen pwofite rakonte yo
Kijan Ayiti se nam mwen
Mwen sl entprt kap tradwi
Ti k kontan an silans
Ki blayi sou figi moun mwen yo
Konsa poum mwen rive goute
Bon gou lespwa ki santi bon
Bon jan fyte ak diyite
Ki f yo se moun spesyal
Nou chanje sa nou panse
Nan bon kreyol lakay
Nou pete ri tanzantan
Pou moun rive konprann
Kekk fwa san zatann
Zye ke k ka f moun w
Kd gita kap jwe mizik
Ki soti anndan nan fon


It is the biggest call of hope ever sounding to the haitian community. It is a form of prayer (according to the thought of Bob and Adele: from Haiti Task force) that invites the heart of all Haitian to take the path of improvement.

Let the bell of hope ring
Ding deng dong
High and higher
To make hearts raced
With no feel to rest

Let the bell of hope ring
To resound under the ocean
An echo to wake up the spirits
From their very long sleep
And longtime forgetting Haiti

Let the bell of hope ring
To chase shame and regrets
Of so much we have done
That does not bring any pride.

Let the bell of hope ring
To call a wonderful sunrise
That all together with dewdrop
Fresh up the summit Macayal

Let the bell of hope ring
Brightening as zonbi teeth
Making lights on the path
For the wise to take the hands of the children

Let the bell of hope ring
For the ultimate drum beat
Where voodoo believers with Christians dance
In a spirit of indifference

Let the bell hope ring
To remind everyone of us
That is about Quisqueya
For Bohio and Ayiti

Let the bell of hope ring
To blow away with fast wind
The evil and the wrong
Of hundreds years of harms

Let the bell of hope ring
To break the burden chains
Tighten Ayiti in certain pain
That years left with strenghless feeling

Let the bell of hope ring
For all three days
So Haiti rises
And come again
The pearl of the Antilles


A patriotic cry to remind those who seem forget their history, that Haiti is a grand nation. A nation that can not stop thinking, a nation that needs to change.

Oh Haiti my country
How can we hear the heroes crying?
And remember well their high vigilance
In that slavery with blood and violence
They fought slaves very bright?
Innocently they also killed just to have light
Oh Haiti my country
How can the Heroes be remembering?
As they are not with us but watching
In the dark where we also are
The struggle they started with dignity
Is not where they wanted it to be
Oh Haiti my country
Return me to the hills and trees, You had
So with the people my heart sees
We stop crying and being sad
We just need to create what is good


This land is a wonderful vision of the natural beauty of Haiti . It attracts you to come visiting if you never had chance to do it before.

I walked on this land
By the house of the people
Of my island.

Their trees were tall
And I couldnt see at all
The restless neighbors between.

Over there far from my view
Onto this land very new
I saw the people walking
Walking, walking and crying.

And as I decided
I would go to them,
Welcoming my sight they were excited
Saying : come on the sands
Onto your lovely land,
Come walk and run;

You do look broken and tired
From the hard work
On the other land
Always stepping on the rock.
Please enjoy your land
Walk by our house and your island

And to other life,
Never return


My people translate emotions of love and fraternity between the people who live in this land. It pictures mystery of sort power existing in the life of Haitians.

My hands went empty and naked
Meeting those people
I did not wear any gloves
So I talked to them as in my role
Telling them about Haiti , my soul
I taught them the Expressions
That covered those peoples face
Were made of silent smile
And Yet they could taste
The real Hope great pride
They were sharing with emotions
I talked to them much
They understood and laughed
All could see yet
That sometimes the outside lied
For their big heart
Was always listening inside


It is a call of strength to join the best of the Haitians spread all over the world. Each of them can bring something good to Haiti to help it survive.

Where did they go
The friends I decided to follow
When in the mist of the morning
Their songs, their smile would let anyone in
After they left
The room, the house and even their pet
Were sad and so quiet


Kote yo bay, granmt?
Bon zanmi nou te vle swiv yo
Ki te make douvanjou nou
Ak bl kantik epi bl souri
Ke nou paka bliye
Bon zanmi nou yo pati
Chanm yo kay yo e menm zwezo yo
Pdi nan silans ak trists
Bon jan ak bon konprann
Ki te gaye nan k yo
Kite anpil leson pou nou chak
Ki ft de ti sekr soti nan k
Bon zanmi ou te konn pale nou delap
Men kounye a ou pati kite nan lag
Nou sonje ou, nou bezwen ou nap tann ou
Tanpri tounen , tounen vit, nou elas

The great and rich Spirit
They had in their big heart
Had taught everyone not apart
Many excellent and old secrets

O Friends you told us about peace
Now you have gone to the east
Here we need you and wait your return
Please come, come soon or we starve


Prisoner is a significant call of hope. In its way, it pictures the obligation to leave from the jail of our regrets and face with determination our tomorrow.

Prisoner, prisoner man
They put you here and forgot you
Your eyes can see
What you dont dare seeing
They may touch you
Talk to you
But your minds frozen

Prisoner, prisoner man
You are thinking hard, its true
Cant remember if you did it or not
Theyve told you but you forgot
If only you had light

Prisoner, prisoner man
Sitting in your cell
Praying, praying, praying
The God who for sure is listening
And watching you freezing in your hell
Prisoner, prisoner my friend
Know one day the dark will go away
Facing peace youll find your way
Dont run, please think of living

Prisoner, prisoner, my friend
Closing in a cage
We understand your rage
Running out of time
You want to go everywhere
Walls too hard to climb
You stay longer where you are

Prisoner, prisoner my friend
Deaf from not talking to the one you want
Screaming in your fright
Nightmare hating everyone
Please dont get anymore mad at night

Prisoner, prisoner my friend
You rot too long in your box
Hating your pasts and nows
Living life apart
It’s time to open your heart

Prisoner, prisoner my friend
Choosing a futile thought
Like wishing you were dead
Against the wall dont hit your head
Wake up!
Dont you see dear Friend
Youre the prisoner of your heart ?


The work of improvement is like a fight. Stand up is a fight that all Haitians and foreigners are invited to exeperienced victory on both side.

Several time failing
But well stand up
To the ultimate fight
That has to bring change
And this better tomorrow Haiti dreams of
Unpatient and restless
Like dry soil
Waiting for the rainy season
Season of raining hope
The hope of change

Bite tonbe

Men fm kanpe
Kanpe pou dnye batay la
Batay ka rive pote
Lespwa pou yon demen miy
Demen miy sa ke map tann
Tankou t sk jaden mayi
Kap tann sezon lapli
Yon sezon lapli lespwa
Lespwa ke tout bagay va chanje


Var of flower as it self is an inspiration. It helps the soul discouraged to gain strength to believe on our skills, just by looking at its opening every 10:00AM.

Var of flower rings its bell
As to remind its exactly 10:00 AM
Mass is ended, go with peace

Var of flower awesome as the full moon
Smiling as this pregnant woman
Happy to bring to life
Nine months of mystery

Var of flower always anytime
the same beauty as sun rise
covering earth with ravishing light
I come admire your opening

It is 10:00AM, it is the time
As lightning I run, not to miss it
A daily wonder of the nature
for ever will bewitching
with its beauty and its perfume
that invade me with eternal memories

Fl diz

Fl diz sonnen kou klch
Kap anonse timoun rekreyasyon
Depi diz f beng
Fl diz b tankou lalin
Ll plenn kou fanm ansent
Fl diz rele mwen
Poum admire l wap ouv
Bl tankou soly kap leve
Pou kouvri lat, ak bl limy
Kite male li diz
Prese tankou zkl
Poum pa rate
Si bl mvy lanati
Ki fm pa anvi mouri
Telman pafenl santi bon
Anvayim ak souvni ki pa ka bout


This is a prayer calling all of us to be an intrument of the peace of God. You can say it yourself or among brothers who work for a better world with peace.

Almighty God,
You have given us all talents
Please make me become wiser
Make that I have enough courage
To endure any situation
That comes to me

Help me to love
Everyone with all my heart
Shower me with fine sentiments
Help me become your instrument
That will work for a world
With peace and non violence
Where only love dominates
Oh Lord my God
Help me look just like you,


Kite lanmou mennenw

Ouvri kw pou ka tande mizik zanj yo
Kap bouyi nan yon melodi nou pa tande lontan
Mizik la mande pou aji, paske Bondye ap gade
Si lanmou nou se te aksyon pa selman nan pawol
Ki te k viv moman lanmou sa
Ki f nou sonje gwo bondye sa ki ba nou tout sa nou vle
Di li msi pou tout benediksyon li ba nou
Paske se nou ki gen chans priye pou lt fr nan la penn
Ba yo yon ti souri km siy byenveni
Pou f yo sonje nou yon sl nan kris
F yon ti priy nan k ou
Mande bondye pou nou kontinye enstriman lanmou li

Ti Pape

They were two men, two neighbors, two friends
Both, living in the mountains in the same big land
With no fence in between for they were both heirs
And for sure were also relatives.
Their wives and children were also friends
Until one day sadly something happened

Joseph and Paul had each five children
They grew together and called each other “Cousin”
Joseph had three daughters, Ti pape and his older brother
Paul had four sons and one daughter
They were all growing in the same village
Until one day, sadly something stopped their age

Joseph and Paul were voodoo practitioners
They could heal people or kill other killers
They used voodoo in anything they would do together
Until when it came the day to share the land
They would not sit, would fight instead
Because they both want the side with more trees and less hills

They fought long, about being friends, they forgot
Only the land was important that time, nothing else
Finally the most wicked defeated the other
And Joseph, his two daughters and one son fell
But Ti Pape and Jocelyne, his oldest sister survived…

Ti Pape, Jocelyne, his only family now
Went to Port-au-Prince after that casualty
Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters died the same day
Staying at the same place, there’s no way

And being afraid it happens again
Or wanting to stay away of that wicked family
That killed their, they stayed in Port-au-Prince long

Ti Pape, nine years old with a greasy and dirty
Piece of towel is all over the streets in Port-au-Prince
Offering to “clean” people’s cars windows
And Jocelyne, also along the streets, is selling stuffs

Those things happen when in mind,
People don’t cultivate a peaceful
And brotherly way of living…
It does kill our children’s faith and dreams
When instead of sitting together
We fight with no reasons the other

What I have learned…

I have learned from some wise women and men
and from my own experience People are not easy
to understand when reading in their mind
Seems to be strange and too easy

I have also learned for many years
From many stories One can’t bury
A seed and want people to know about it

You dare take it out, you kill it
And stead ok knowing about it
People ignore such a story
Because there’s no story about you
Wanting to grow a plant, a tree

But if you leave it in the ground
Water it, take of it
It grows and grows happily
People see it, touch it, smell it
Know you did that.

And now there’s a story
About you growing a plant
For people can see the accomplishment

She’s My morning

Early in the morning, my favorite time
For me it’s always calm, quiet outside
But noisy and busy in my mind
There’s a lot to say, my soul is tired, but listening
To any word, any phrase, any comment or message
I said tired but fine and ready for a new story
Another chapter, a different way of thinking or living

Talking about quiet morning, I dare comparing her
To my early morning when gathering in my mind
Thoughts and feelings not yet balanced

She comes to my door
Knocking very loud, wakes me up and reminds me
It’s quiet and nice outside, just the way I like it
A little wet and cloudy, small leaves showing their green
Another thing I like is that color so innocent and pretty
Just like her
That reminds me everything I am and what I miss being
Any story I have or anything I’ve failed in

She can’t know how good she made me feel
When I can see all those things I like with my funny
And small heart, my mind and my soul
Things I can’t see with my eyes all the times
But they will always exist in my mind
For I have hidden all my stories in a morning
That looks just like her

And she has become that morning so pretty and attractive
So green , so innocent
The breeze I get from that wonderful morning
Has become her words into my ears and her love
So natural and real
She has become what I love and admire,
My story and my early morning..

On that little rock

Sitting on a rock high over a mountain
All I could think of was her
And all I could see in the sky was her pretty face
Contemplating the trees I could see, I started talking to them
Telling them about her, my life and other
They laughed and cried
And telling them about why they cried, to me they replied:

“Your words come to us like water over polished stone
Not quiet but quick and clear
And talking about her made us keep our eyes
And attention straight on you
You cried but did not know it
Were too busy telling about her talking to you in
Silver phrases taken from a place you’d like to reach
You had more tears coming out telling us you wanted
Your strong veined hands and powerful arms to hug her
Very long and lock her in your chest”,
They said_

After they stopped, I could hear the wind
Coming straight into my ears
Wet wind, heavy and loud that cleared the dust away
That made me think of her way and style
Her eloquence that used to make me
Keep my breath for long

And thinking again of her
The fine nuance, I miss it, has gone away
And the cloud over my head is fading

I sat for long on that little rock
Over that high mountain
Thinking and crying, laughing and… dreaming_


Those are poems inspired from the hard and great works of beloved brothers from the medical mission in Haiti . They come, far away from their family, sacrifying their time and even their healthy life on our bad and rocky roads. Sometime the unsafe airplane make them freak out. But they keep coming with an unconditional love to help our Haitian brothers and sisters.
This section is to tell how much their help is appreciate and useful to this nation. We make our writings the voice of those unfortunate peasants lost in the mountains, to say thank you to the devotion of beloved brothers all over the world who come every year to make the suffering of our haitian brothers less.
Those poems are specially dedicated to them , the missionary of peace and love.


This poem is an inspiration of the med mission 2003 of St Ignatus to Beaumont . That did touch my heart to see the pain that Marie Rehosky (member of the mission)was faced eveytime her head did hit the roof of the car. It was good to see how far love can bring someone.

What a dance!
What a move!
What a combination!
What a precision!

What a happiness!
What an intensity!
What a silence!
What an expression!

This is not common dance
This is the dance of God
All come from the heart
All about love

It takes speedbump to jump
It takes rocks to go left
It takes a hole to go right
It takes hard brake to shake heads

Do you want to dance
Welcome to Beaumont Medical mission
Let love lead you your step
To be this dancer of service

All about love
It is about heart wide open
To listen the melody of angel
At mass as one
Singing as seraphins

Not better an inspiration
Of such a God giving so much
of unique blessings and opportunity
To live the mystery of being just one

A smile to wish the welcome
A wave to say you are at home
All together cant see better use of us
To be instrument of Gods love


“This is a thank you poem. It reminds missionaries who read it: that we Haitians understand the work and appreciate it so.
You drive along the rocky road. There are places all over Haiti that med missions have worked in.”

To Seguin *[15], Ti Goave*, to Tomazeau*
To Fond des blancs*, Dory and Anse a Veau*
As good missionaries have we told
You go everywhere like driving to Port Margot

For you its never far from your land
You would go anywhere to those people
With heavy bags all with medicines
God is with you and by him youre seen

Driving along the rocky road
To Jacmel*, Mirebalais*
To Grand bois* and Cabaret*
Building hospitals and sharing love with children
To Belladere*, to Leogane*
Oh Doctors, Friends and Nurses, Haiti is your land

To Hinche*, Cap Haitian* and Jeremie*
You would fly
And to Lagonave* on the sea
Leaving children, wife and husband

Of Friends to you all my love I send
For those people you help saying dont cry
And to other places you would go or send medicines
I say God is with you and by him youre seen

Shortcut to heaven[16]

Shortcut to heaven is sort of a prayer that you are call to keep in the mind when going up the highest hills and mountains of the country. It helps to understand better the mission of God: asking us to simply GO.

All steps get you closer
Blind to the cliffs, no feeling of the bump
this is how you sit next to God
when you touch the hands of your brother

Go and go until you can feel your self one with them
The only way to feel your self one with your God
Go and share their hard suffering
And help them increasing their hopefully little joy

Feel the heaven and you will touch it
You are just at one step of it, make it
So high in the mountains you are really close
To the only one who could ask you to go that far
It is true it is difficult, but it is the shortcut
So understand that in this circumstance
That time is not money as we like to say
Time is just short, so thanks God

Rout dekoupe pou rive nan syl

Chak pa nou f mete nou pi pr
Bliye move wout , pa w falz
Se nan rapwochew b kote frw
Pou konnen ke ou pr bondye
Ale jiskaske ou f yon sl ak yo

 Sl fason pou f yon sl ak bondye

Al pataje gwo soufrans yo
Epi ede yo grandi ti lajwa yo nan lespwa
Si ou rive santi syl la ou ka touchel
Yon pa slman ou manke, avanse
Nan tt anwo mn nan ou toupre
Ak sila ki ka mande ou pou monte wo konsa
Se vre li difisil men se sa kon wout dekoupe
Bat po konprann nan sikonstans sa
Ke tan pa selman enpotan pou f lajan
Men tan an kout, epi di bondye msi

This poem has been inspired by the Holy Family med mission 2003 in Bahon. The introduction is real. It is one of the best way to tell those people who come from a country where time is money about the priceless of their time spent in the name of the Lord.

The noise of the dishes broken
Has wakened me up at 3: 00 AM
Since then , I try in vain to sleep again

A question was bothering me all night long
How much? How much
Could we pay for the service?
Of each the people coming in those missions
If it was one day possible to do so

In the deep dark I wrote a draft
And in my estimation I found this

It is possible to find the cost of the flight fees
I could find the contribution of each of you to come here
I could know all you didnt earn this week
I can imagine a price for the long distance service
That together will be very expensive to afford .

But to finish my list for the final total
It was difficult to find some price
The price for leaving your family
The price for facing the danger here
The appropriate price for taking such a road

I could not find a price for your sacrifice
I could not find a price for exposing such risk
I could not find a price for your homesick
I could not find a price for the time
You experience such pain
And live such sufferings

So finally my heart did understand
that the service was more than expensive
Because I was not able to compare you
To a specialist: sailing his specialization
Jumping lands from lands,in foreign country

But you are just brothers in the same Christ
Offering your love and tenderness to other brothers

Your service can not have a price
No accouter can evaluate it

Because it was not for sale
I was wrong in trying to find a price

Nothing can compensate your sacrifice
No one is rich enough to pay
for the work you are doing in Haiti


“This poem is taking words from the voice of those unfortunate who want to tell about their gratitude for such blessings of God through beloved brothers and sisters.”

It is just a wonderful goodbye
Because we are sure you will come back
Just like a baby saying bye to mom
Because shell bring good things at night

It is just a lovely thank you we are saying
Thats what our smile tries to express
We try to find ways to compensate
But, only God can and will bless you for all

We will keep you in our mind and our heart
As long of we will survive
From our suffering that you help by going away
In the spirit of the fathers mission

Our eyes have known the real meaning of love
Through those patients who have known love
Our lips can now sing the glory of Gods love
By sharing between brothers the spirit of love

Tounen ank

Se yon bl babay nap f
Paske nou kw ke wap tounen
Manm jan ak tibebe kap gade manmanl prale
Nan lespwa pita lap pote kichoy
Se yon msi damou nap di
Se sa souri nou ap bat pou montre
Nou ta renmen peye pou tout sa
Men selman bondye ka beni nou
Nap sonje ou nan k ak nanm nou
Toutotan nap kontinye viv
Pou soufrans nou ou kwape
Nan lespri misyon papa a
Je nou konnen sa lanmou vle di
Nan gade jan nou trete pasyan yo ak lanmou
Bouch nou ka chante laglwa bondye
Nan gade jan fr ak s nou yo pataje lanmou


This is a thank you poem dedicated to the Haiti solidarity task force and all the network over the world working to make our days in Haiti hopefully better.

As a kite our gratitude is flying in the sky
To dance the expression of our acknowledgments
It is clear as fresh coconut milk, that
We would not survive without your solidarity

In spite of the negative campaign against us
You are still coming to make our fight significant
Your position saying NO to your government
Make us feel our self not alone in the fight

You are like Dessalines and Capois Lamort for us
Our heroes who braved the danger for freedom
You are the mainstay of our hope
Haiti will survive with your solidarity

The world will understand us by your action
Our future will be better with your prayers
Our children can imagine hope because of your connections
There is no price to compensate your work

Because it is not a service we can find a price for
All that we have is our love
As a way to say we appreciate the fraternity
Dont get discouraged on your work

Because your work is not in vain
The day will come and not too long
When we will be free to take our road
The road of justice , peace and love
That you help us understand better

Keep fighting , keep praying
With many hands we wont lose the fight.


Tankou svolan kap dodomeya anwo nan syl
Pou danse rekonesans ak gratitid nou
Li kl tankou dlo kokoye
Ke nou pa ta kanpe san solidarite ou
Malgre tout sa yo di sou nou

 Nou toujou la pou kenbe batay la

Le nou gen kouraj pou di non ak zak gouvenman
Sa f nou santi nou pa pou kont nou
Nou tankou kapwa lamo ak desalin
Vanyan gason kite goumen pou lalibete
Se nou ki kenbe flanbo lespwa
Ayiti kenbe fem men nan men ak ou
Le moun va konprann nou ak aksyon nou
Demen va miy a la priy nou
Timoun nou yo va konnen lespwa gras a nou
Pa gen pri pou tout sa
Paske se pa yon travay, pa gen pri pou nou
Sa nou genyen se ti kras lanmou
Pou di jan nou kontan ke nou aji km fr
Epi pou nou pa dekouraje nan travay la
Travay sa pou gran mesi
Jou a va rive pa tr lontan
Pou nou pran wout la
Wout jistis, lap ak lanmou
Ke nou ede nou konprann pi byen
Kenbe pa lage, kenbe di nan lapriy
Ansanm ansanm nap pote laviktwa

‘’This poem is specially dedicated to Doctor Don Lafont: a very young old man, who even all the misery faced on the bad road of Haiti is still coming back, every year in different med mission.
The last Bahon med mission 2003′’

Physically break muscles and bones
Huricane with rain everyday
Make the road the worst it could

But in a commitment godly inspired
Don Lafont come back on med mission 2004
With the same love and same passion
That surprized almost the all of us

Like last year did not make him
Loose his attachment to Haiti
On 2004 he come again with Bill
To share with him this incredible love

The wedding of Don and Haiti is a love one
That divorce seems going far away from
Don shows a magic faithful to Haiti
That should inspired bride and groom

Dons heart is really married with Haiti
For the best so for the worst
In huricane as good weather
In good road as bumpy road
In plane lands as mountain
His determination is more than certain
Don will come until eternity

In their name is the translation of the smile of those people who wish they could thank the foreign doctors for all the bless they are receiving by an simple touch on their body.

For all those people who never stop talking
Spreading out all that is in their heart
To tell about their thousand suffering
Because someone was there to listen

For all those people coming from far away
From the deep woods and the loosing mountains
Looking for seeing their hope increase
By coming back home with joyful heart

For your love that was the real stimulant
To make the medicament good at all
To make them feel much better
Until we come again next year

In the name of those beloved brothers
Brothers from soul and sisters from blood
Vaillant men and strong women
Of that wonderful country Haiti
Ten, hundred, thousand and million thank you

Nan non sila yo

Pou sila yo ki pa mande pe
Pede pale di tout sa ki sou k yo
Pou mete dey san en maladi yo santi
Paske yon fwa yon moun la ki ka tande

Pou yo tout ki soti nan ziltik
Nan fon bwa kou nan tt mn pdi
Pou w si yo ta grandi lespwa yo
Nan tounen lakay ak yon ti k kontan

Pou lanmou nou ki bay sa fs
Pou medikaman yo ka pi bon
Pou f yo santi yon ale mye
Jiskaske nou tounen lt ane

Nan non tout pitit Desalin yo
Fr nanm , s ki sot nan menm san
Gason doubout fanm vanyan
Bl peyi dayiti toma
Nou di ou msi, msi, msi

The station of the cross of Haitian people poems

The people of Hati Station of the cross is a pilgrimage of the actual sites where hundreds of haitians suffered and lost their lives in their fight for economic , justice and political freedom. Those places are sacred in Haiti s struggle for democracy. It reminds us the tribulation of Haitian people for the last 20 years. The pilgrimage tour is also a way for visitors to plant the seeds of change through resolution witness and visible show of solidarity with the Haitian people.

When you visit Haiti , Ron, Junior or Daniel will be glad to guide you and help you understand better the struggle.
If you have chance to go there, dont forget to sing this creole song about the Holy Spirit to descend on us to help us in our mission for the all world.



The sites tells about the power of repression and freedom. White color painted like the white house, it gives a contrast of the innocence of this color and the evil that black and mulato dictators brought to the nation. We are not too far to make it the house of everyone.

It rather be red color painted
For all the blood that was shed inside
White color is so much innocent
To cover the crime of so many dictators

It rather be black color painted
For the darkness and mourning of all a nation
White color is so much innocent
To make us forget the sore of those beloved souls

It rather be blue color painted
To see a blue sky smiling on Haiti
White color is so much innocent
It needs another color for comfort

It rather be green color painted
For the hope of the national dignity
White color goes with green color
And the victims tears will be a river
That will only bring hope

Pal nasyonal

Se wouj yo te dwe pentirew
Twp san koule anndanw
Koul blan tw inosan
Pou bouche krim diktat san manman

Se nwa yo te dwe pentirew
Pou f nwa ak dy ou lage nan fanmi
Koul blan tw inosan podyab
Pou f bliye tout lapenn manman ki pdi pitit

Pito pal te pentire an ble
Pou nou w yon syl ble kap ri sou Ayiti
Koul blan an tw inosan
Fk gen yon lt koul pou f pp la sonje

Pito pal te pentire an v
Pou lespwa diyite yon nasyon
Koul blan ale byen ak v
La f dlo nan je viktim yo tounen la rivy
Ki ka desann ak lespwa pou tout yon nasyon

Torture and murder of inmates. This site is the reminants where the infamous torture prison of the Duvalier dictatorship stood. Perharps 60.000 people died during those years, maany of them within this prison.

Fort Dimanche
Fort of death
Eternal memory of nightmare

Open your window to the sun
To welcome the light of improvement

Time has come to leave the good spirits
Of beloved patriots who did trust
In the perfect day that will come

When everyone can see democracy grows
When all voices will be able to say
Down with human rights violations
Long life to peace and justice
Time for new hope to new patriots
To expose their thoughts for their country

The souls of the martyrs are finally free
Because fort Dimanche is no more fort
Goodbye terror, welcome hope

Lets sing with enchantment the joyful song
That Haiti finally has seen the sun

F dimanch

F dimanch, f lanm
Souvni move rv ki pa mande fini
Ouv pt bay limy soly
Poul di byenvini douvan limy
L a rive pou lage lespri gran gason
Sila yo ki te kw nan gran jou sa ki dwe rive
Jou demokrasi va taye banda
L tout vwa va di ansanm
Aba abi ak kra ze zo
Viv lap ak lajistis
Jou a rive pou lespwa rele
Mande ti konsy ak pitit ayiti
Zonbi mati yo lage
Jou f dimanch pa f ank
Baybay kraze zo
Bonjou lespwa
Ann chante bel ti chan sa
Ayitit w soly la


Massacre of congregation. It is a site of great historical importance where the democratic movement in Haiti found its loudest voice its source of strength. On september 11th , 88 a massacre was carried out against the congragation of Father Aristide during mass.

Just like a grain falling in the ground
Hope was up to grow very fast
Through the preaching of liberation theology

But for some, hope is not a word for the poor
By any means should be killed before it grows

Like a dirty bleeding river
The evil theory of shame dictators
Has Brought death and try to chase hope

So it was in the nightmarish day of 9–11
Parishioners try to pass but pass away in the church
Crusade of death, massacre of hope

But the message had time to push roots
Killing the trunk was not enough
To kill their last mysterious weapon

Hope and hope even the hard struggling
That fire is not enough to stop
The incense perfume that embalmed the spirits

Guns and weapons were not powerful enough to kill
The sword and machetes could never cut it off

Hope has survived and it will survive again
One of thousand but one of the worst
But hope will still survive

Legliz sen jan bosco

Tankou ti grenn ki tonbe nan t
Lespwa te koumanse grandi byen vit
Ak ti mesaj teoloji liberasyon
Men gen moun ki pa kw nan lespwa pou pv
Koupe grenn nan anvan li f boujon
Tankou larivy sal ak san
Teyori lanm diktat san wont
Pote lanm pou touye lespwa
Nan jou kochma 11 septanm
Fidl yo tonbe nan legliz la
Kwazad lanm, masak lespwa
Men mesaj la te bay rasin
Koupe pye yo pat ase
Pou touye zam batay la
Lespwa ap viv kwa ke se swa
Paske dife pa ka boule
Ansan kap anbonmen lespri
Gwo zam pat ka fann fwa
Manchet ak kouto pa ka touye lespwa
Lespwa kanpe vivan e lap kenbe
Malgre tout plan mechan ka gen
Lespwa pa ka mouri


Destruction and murder of residents. A quarter of a million people try to survive in Cite Soleil, the western hemispheres most desperate slum. Two days after Christmas, 1993, a massacre happened there, wwhich left dozens died and destroyed 1200 homes. Fraph is agroup of paramilitaries who were on the approximate grassroots to fight against the mobilization

Christmas did not bring something good
And Fraph has brought something bad

No more roof protecting from sun
Forget the project to stop the rain

Never had shadow of social security
Now have to face physical insecurity

Like born to suffer for life
Call to carry the burden of the world alone
And bring on earth to die martyrs

January 1st brought a new year
A new one without a roof on the head
A new year with more misery on their back
A storm of pain that brings darkness

The coup instigators far away saw
Who stop their evil conquest

Those poor people were the roots of the struggle
So they attack the ill by the roots

But the roots are deeply inside
Making magically one with the ground

Until there will be ground on earth
The roots will be still
And so for the struggle of people who believe

Site soly

Nwel pat pote kichy serye
Fraph menm pote traka
Pa gen tt kay pou twonpe soley anko
Bliye kesyon fini ak lapli kounya
Pat janm gen ti lonbray sekirite
Kounya soley ensekirite cho

Km si yo te ft pou soufri
Km kwa tout chay le monn sou do yo
Vinn sou la t pou mouri matirize

Premye janvye son lt lane
Ki f sonje pa gen kay pou rete
Yon lt ane ki pote plis traka
Yon sikln lamiz pot f nwa
Eskadron lanm te w a kl
Sa ki bare yo pou sel sey
Moun sa yo se rasinn lit la
Als, koupe rasinn nan pou finn ak sa
Rasinn nan pran na fon
Tache f yon sel ak lat
Toutan genyen t sou la t
Ap toujou gen rasin
Konsa tout moun kap lite ap toujou la


The waterfront. Refugees lost by sea. Here we ponder the water that separates Haiti and the US . We remember the tens of thousands of refugees lost at sea fleeing political and economic nightmare in Haiti .

Blue Ocean, fortune boat
So many times they both become one
With beloved soul of Haitian brothers

Escaping desperately for better life
Losing despicably their miserable life

So many who failed drown in the ocean
Not being able to touch their last tears
That ocean water washes out
And so their dream

Ocean why have you done this to us
Making those dreams never come true

So many who struggle that nightmare
So much sadness they brought to us
Those unknown reported missing
For a cause that has not yet disappeared

Whatever dark the horizon
In a close future the day will come

When the ocean will be white
In memory of those sisters

Spreading back to surface
The soul of those innocents
Between land and island

That day of contemplation will come
Vibrant and captive as honey
When the ocean will be green
To start the crusade of hope
To ravish the future of our former pearl
So Haiti will be living for Haitians

So we dont lose no more brothers
So our lovely sisters stay home
To embellish the beauty of the flowers
In this Haiti of St. Thomas island

Bot pipo
Ti bati gwo dlo
Val fwa nou f yon sel
Ak nanm fr ayisyen nou yo
Ki podyab ap chache lavi
Men ki tou pdi lavi yo
Val nou pdi nan fon lanm
Ki pa gen tan w dlo nan je yo
Ke dlo sale seche
Nan jan li touye rv yo
Gwo dlo pou ki ou f nou sa
Pouki ou touye rv sa yo
Se pa de ki goumen ak move rv sila
Se pa de lapenn yo kite lakay
Se pa de pte dispari
Pou menm pwoblem yo ki poko dispart
Menm si lorizon sanble lwen
Gen yon jou ki pa tw lwen
Kote fon lanm va tounen blan
Nan memwa frn ak s nou yo
La voye monte sou dlo
Nanm tout moun sa yo
Vasoti nan bafon zile
Gran jou sa va rive
Doud doud tankou siwo myl
L fon lanm va tounen v
Pou voye bel vag lespwa
Pou nou ka rejwenn bel pel dzanti
L sa ayisyen va renmen lakay
Nou pap pdi s nou yo ank
Fr nou yo va rete lakay
Pou f fl soley pi bel
Anba lawouze douvanjou

‘’US involvement. The history of Haiti and the US has been interwoven, for better for worse, from the very beginning.
Haiti wants to rule its own destiny’‘

Stop giving us directions
That are profitable just to you

Let it live its independence
For why its fathers were sacrificed
On the battle of 1803

Its interests are not yours
Dont pretend that it should be

Be friend for real
Because friends help each other

It’s clear Haiti needs your help
Let it condition it with you

In this same continent of America
So much to forget and forgive
So much to do together

Anbasad tonton sam

Ayiti vle mennen tt li
Sispann bal direksyon
Ki bon ke pou ou selman

Kitel viv endepandans li
Ke zanst yo te tonbe pou li
Nan batay vty 1803

Nou pa gen menm enter
Pa f km si se le kontr
Ann bat poun zanmi toutbon
Bon zanmi ede youn lt
Se vre ayiti bezwen sipw
Kitel deside sa avw

Sou menm kontinan lamerik sa
Nou bezwen bliye ak padone anpil
Nou bezwen f anpil bagay ansanm


Victims of the coup. This statute commemorates the six thousand known victims of the years of the coup detat. In a plaque below it reads: our blood has fallen on the ground so that Haiti would not leave to remain downtrodden

Oh man of peace bring it high,
bring it high until to heaven

hurry up with the message
share with him the tribute of the martyrs
tell God of our suffering
personally by whispering it in His ears
that the struggle is still

Go man of peace , be strong
as an eagle fly highly in the sky
as fast as possible, race with the comets
move beyond the moon and spare the sun
ride the lightning and scrutinize the constellations

we got enough, we cant anymore
dont come back without good news

tell the great master that we are waiting
crowded and squeezed in one spirit
with the blood of our brothers as motivation

go man of peace , we are waiting
fasting at this site, with our tears as beverage

we pray it wont take too long
cause the blood of the martyrs
once again can not be shed for nothing

go man of peace, we are waiting
until you come back, well keep our hope

Plas d mati

Papa k poze, pote li wo
Pote li ale wo jis rive nan syel
Prese prese ak mesaj la
Al bay ochan pou viktim yo
Di bondye sa nap sibi
Pwoche rive nan zorey li
Pou di li ke lit la ap kontinye

Papa k poze, pran fs
Tankou malfini vole monte nan syel
Pi vit ke posib vole ale
Double kout zkl
F lalin svi chwal
Eskize chal soley
Pran woulib sou kout zkl
Pou pase nan mitan zetwal

Nou bouke, nou paka kontinye
Pa vinn san bon nouvel
Di gran met la nap tann
Nou youn sou lt, nan yon sel lespri
E nou pran san silo ki tone km fs nou

Papa k poze nap tann
Nou f grv la fen
Se dlo nan je nou selman nap bw

Nou priye pou sa pa pran tan
Paske san mati yo pa kab
Yon fwa ank koule pou gran msi

Papa k poze nap tann
Nap tann ak lespwa jouk ou tounen


‘’Church of Sacre Coeur. Murder of Antoine Izmery. This is where this man dedicated to a democracy, a peaceful, and a constitutional Haiti was gunned down during the coup years.
On september 11th 93, the fifth anniversary of the St Jean Bosco, as a supporter of the exiled president Aristide, he was taken during mass and execcuted on the street. He was an outstanding and courageous man anddd his sory gives life and strength to the fledging democracy on Haiti .’‘

Hero, hero, hero
beloved hero who forgot himself
For a cause that is not only his
In the spirit of great loss
To death, that is the worst

So much regret your memory brought
So much sadness you let in our heart

History for long will keep your name
because you have showed the path:
your aroma will drive us

Because of your sacrifice
your soul will be our guide
Because you were sincere,
Our children will remember you
Because youve made your self poor
For the cause of the less fortunate
You will keep rich memories in our heart

In the heart of all Haitians
There will be a little part of you

When the day will come
To finally sing proudly the new anthem
With joyfulness we will rhyme Izmery
In our poetry for victory
In the mist of our lamentations
Our soul is rejoicing
In the face of such expression
So much love for a nation
From such a mysterious patriot of love


Ero, vanyan gason
Gro vanyan gason ki bliye pwop tt li
Pou yon rezon ki pa pou li selman

Nan lespri pdi anpil bagay
Menm lavi ki pi enptan

Se pa de sonje nou sonje ou
Se pa de lapenn ou kite nan k nou

Listwa va pale de ou
Paske ou monntre nou chimen an
Pafen ou va mennen nou

A koz gwo sakrifis sa
Nanm ou va gide nou

Paske ou te sens
Timoun nou yo ap sonje ou

Paske ou te f tt ou pv
Pou sila yo ki pi pv yo
Nou kenbe memwa ou nan fon k nou

Nan k tout ayisyen
Gen yon ti Izmeri kounya

L jou a va rive
Chante bel chan sa
Ak la jwa na va rime non izmeri
Nan pwezi ki di nou reysi

Nan mi lamantasyon yo
Nanm nou rejwi
Devan bel ekspresyon ou kite

Tout bel lanmou sa pou yon nasyon
Ki soti nan k yon patrit ki plen lanmou

Our best miracle

The small window on the lake
Just enough to bring morning light
Too large to inspire a lifetime
The world a at aglance
The essence of life through a glass
Just a window
Revealing the secret of life
The silence of the water
The presence of the air
An holy land growing angel grass
The beauty of all this fire up
All four elements in just a window
This only happens once for a lifetime
It happenes to me, its wonderful
What it memorable morning
Waking up by the smith mountain lake

My miracle

What a blessing to live with miracles
I have enough that I cold sell them
But who can afford the price of miracle
Not even the wealthiest of the world
This is against the rule of miracle
There can not be a price for a miracle
What I have learned over years
We all need something to push us through
Something that come and will stay for ever
My miracle is you
The one I remember over and over
That I share with all who wants to know
That you are the miracle that happen over and over
You are my generating miracle that happen over and over
Every morning and every need
When peace is back
My miracle is the joy you bring
When I am down
My miracle is this hope
That you always be there for me
You will always be my miracle

The beauty of the snow

No flitches look the same
No drop have the same echo
Each leave dance differently
To welcome the fall of a flitche

My best morning
Was about so many woods
Spread in the 4 seasons
But connected in one beauty
My best morning was aview on the lake
Sending me an inner silence to remember
The birds singing in the best morning
My best morning was in smith mountain lake
When I can feel the snow shower on me
A freshness of magic dewdrop
My best morning was calm and peaceful
With something to always remember

Your son

Look at me
Turn me around
Oh yes I just came out right

See me sleeping
Listen to my dream
See me walking
Leaving all kind of footstep of

All black like you did not expect
With the strength of hercule
All white like innocence
Remembering the virgin Mary

Look at the son you gave birth to
Breastfeeding with inspiration
Embark with enough mission
To let you feel
It is really your son

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