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Anthony Mullaney, 1968 and Today

1968: From the Milwaukee 14 Statement at the time of the action

Fr. Anthony Mullaney, 39, a Benedictine monk, holds a Ph.D in psychology and has taught at St. Anselm’s College, N.H., and at Boston University. He is on the Staff of Warwick House in Roxbury, Mass., an inner-city house operated by a team ministry.

2007 From a recent email from Tony Mullaney

“Briefly, I moved to rural Maine in 1998 after life at Packard Manse took a different direction after the children grew and moved on. I live alone, and in community with three others. We founded Work for Peace about 8 years ago, and currently we are working with Jim Harney on the issue of income inequality and its connection with war and violence. We participate in more direct Downeast anti-war work as well. Speaking of Downeast, I tell my urban friends that Harrington is located in the southwest corner of the north coast of Downeast.”

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