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Research on War Spending Bills and Gwen Moore’s record.

War Spending Record of Congresspersons Gwen Moore and James Sensebrenner Jr.

Military ‘earmarks’ in Federal Budget by Gwen Moore

The Military Industrial/Educational Complex consumes the majority of tax dollars in our Federal Budget. Some of that tax money is hid away in what is called ‘earmarks’ by individual congresspersons in the Federal Budget. Sometimes they are called ‘pork’, money that is approved with general budget in the budget for a congressperson’s home state. Here are the military earmarks put in the Federal Budget for 2010 and the ones proposed for 2011 by Rep. Gwen Moore of the fourth congressional district in Wisconsin.
2010 Federal Budget approved by Congress
2011 Proposed Federal Budget

Representative Gwen Moore votes to condemn the UN Goldstone Report on the Israeli invasion of Gaza

Summary of the Fiscal Year 2009 Supplemental Appropriations Request.

Supplemental appropriations request totaling $83.4 billion that will fund our ongoing military, diplomatic, and intelligence operations.

Please note that in the par. 5 of introductory letter the President states that we need to have more honest military budgets so we can stop these types of supplemental military spending bills.

This is the bill for which we are asking Gwen Moore for justification

Here is a copy of a letter from Congresswoman Moore justifying her vote for $83.4 Billion vote for war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. Note she does not mention Iraq and Pakistan war spending in justifying her vote. For my response to her letter see posting Dung or Words.

2011 Record setting 708 Billion Budget Proposal

33 billion supplemental budget bill to 708 billion Defense budget bill.
“Also accompanying the 2011 budget proposal is a fiscal 2010 supplemental request of $33 billion to support the added costs of the President’s new strategy in Afghanistan and strengthen U.S. force levels with approximately 30,000 additional troops.”

This is the bill on which we are requesting that Rep. Gwen Moore vote No


Meet with U.S. Congresswoman

Gwen Moore and Say

“No More Money for War”

Milwaukee Central Library, meeting room 101, Monday, Feb 22, 2010, 1:30pm

Gwen Moore at 2006 Peace Rally to say No to War

In June 2009 Rep. Gwen Moore voted Yes for an $84 billion dollar military supplemental bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soon there will be another 33 billion dollar supplemental bill in Congress to top the record 709 billion dollar Department of Defense budget bill being proposed.

It is time to hold Rep. Gwen Moore accountable for her war spending votes and for her to say, once again:

No More War Spending

People to Stop More War Spending

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