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PeterGraf: Peter Graf: Sunrise 1972 -- Sunset 2010, Rest In Peace

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Peter’s Digital Art

This is a site for some artwork I created over the years. I really wouldnít hope for much more but to have them viewed as is. I am however not completely in tuned to the idea that the art is all encompassing to really anything but to the reality as they are. They are the plain image for whatever might be any subjective theory as to their importance.

The art, as itself, are drawn with a positive and negative simplicity as to line and form, possible related to something industrial or associated to tattoo art. As far as describing more what I feel is my own sense of its importance in relationship to my life, well I guess, thatís either too much or not enough. Iíve got more important things to worry about. I hope the site grows, makes contact and achieves all it could accomplish.

Peter Graf 3/16/06

Gallery of 30 Computer Art Pictures generated by Peter Graf







Click on my Black & White Gallery to view some of my drawings.

Computer Art on Microsoft Paint Program -

Digital Art Gallery



passed out




Peter at Art Gallery


Recently Peter participated in the The Digital Art Show, at Bucketworks. Check out this web site for more information about the show:

Here are the five works of art Peter displayed.



last sunk Que

sined scarecrow

The mutiny

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