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Finding God in All Things

A Retreat for A Pilgrim In A Busy World

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St. Ignatius, Pilgrim

This retreat is web copy of a retreat in daily life: “Finding God in All Things: A Retreat for a Pilgrim in a Busy World.” It was put together over a fiver-year period with the resources of the Casa Romero Renewal Center and the persons who have participated in the retreat. A CD version of the retreat can be obtained by contacting Bob Graf at .

This retreat is designed to be use in a parish or small faith group setting. The retreat is group directed with the facilitator serving as a provider of material and to enforce the guidelines for faith sharing are in section two. However, an individual may find some benefit in it.

This retreat uses the outline of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and if used in Advent through Easter follows the liturgical calendar. A person need not be familiar with Spiritual Exercises or Liturgical year to participant or facilitate the retreat. All is needed is an open heart and mind and to listen to the Spirit.

References to the Spiritual Exercise are taken from the book: Draw Me Into Your Friendship: The Spiritual Exercises, a Literal Translation and A contemporary reading” By David L. Fleming S.J. Scripture readings are from various translations, predominately the New American Bible. Facilitators and Participants do not need to purchase a copy of the Spiritual Exercises but do need a copy of the Bible.

The Outline calls for a 1-˝ hour group gatherings from Advent through Lent or 12 or 13 weeks in a row. If using in the liturgical calendar the time between Advent and Lent can be 2 or 3 sessions depending on the dates. Section seven, Guidelines for Everyday Diving is the optional one.

Group Use:
Participants are expected to attend all 12 or 13 weeks and to, if possible reflect and journal daily. However, since this retreat is designed for busy people this is not always possible. We should go easy on expectations of attendance or amount of time spent by participants on the retreat. If a person, in a group, misses a meeting I suggest we call the person and just send him or her by mail, fax or email, the missing section. Participants will get out of the retreat only what they put into it, including facilitators.

The P after a number of session means it is for all participants. The F after a number means it is for the facilitators.
The, a or b or c or d after a number is to allow you to print pages back to back. For example a and b together and c and d together. There should not be more than two back-to-back pages as handouts for any one session. Except for the cover, can all be in black and white. Each participant receives a three ring binder with a colored cover and with dividers for 12 or 13 sections and blank writing paper in each section. At the initial meeting they would receive outline and section 1 and at each succeeding gathering receive the section for that week. Each section except the last has an Outline and a Food for the Journey (1a and 1b). Most sections have two other pages (c and d) as handouts. There are two pages marked F (1 F -Brief history of Ignatius and Spiritual Exercises and 4 F A Meditation on the Nativity) that are primarily for the facilitators. However if you wish could be given out to all the participants. The daily scripture readings in week 4 and 5, teaching and healing ministry of Jesus, can be adjusted to reflect the daily liturgical Gospel reading whenever possible. You can put the date by each reading in Food for Journey and Outline.

Since this is a work in progress any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The attempt of this retreat is to keep it very simple, reflection and simple to faith share so the Holy Spirit may move us during these holy liturgical seasons of Advent. Please contact me with thoughts on this retreat in daily life.

Bob Graf, 1 414 379 4162,


Finding God in All Things
A Retreat for a Pilgrim in a Busy World Retreat in Daily Life

The Spiritual Exercises in a 12–13 week format

Session Format
1.Opening Prayer 15 minutes
Introduction to method of Prayer, and group prayer
2.Check In 15 minutes
Week 1: Introductions Weeks 2–13 Where we are at in the present moment of life.
3.Sharing Session 40 minutes
Week 1: Life of St. Ignatius
Week 2–13: Sharing of scripture reflections and journaling
4.Presentation 10 minutes
Presentation of new material
5.Food for the Journey 5 minutes
Presentation of grace and scripture reflections
6.Concluding Prayer 5 minutes
Group Prayer and prayer requests

Presentation of the Week
Week 1
First Principle and Foundation (Life of St. Ignatius) 1st Week of Advent
Week 2
God’s love, Our Response 2nd Week of Advent
Week 3
The King’s Call and Incarnation 3rd Week of Advent
Week 4
Nativity, Baptism and Beyond 4th Week of Advent
Week 5
Teaching Ministry of Jesus Christmas - Lent
Week 6 Healing Ministry of Jesus Christmas - Lent
Week 7 Guidelines for Everyday Living Christmas - Lent (Optional)
Week 8 Ignatian Spirituality and Creative Nonviolence Week of Ash Wednesday
Week 9 Passion, Love and Discipline of Jesus 1st Week of Lent
Week 10 Eucharist in Everyday Life 2nd Week of Lent
Week 11 The Nonviolent Cross 3rd Week of Lent
Week 12 From the Tomb to Seeing God in all Things 4th Week of Lent
Week 13 Contemplation on Love of God 5th Week of Lent

Prayer for the Week
Week 1Breathing/Relaxing in God’s Presence
Week 2Examen of Consciousness
Week 3 Repetitive Prayer, E.G. Jesus Prayer, Rosary
Week 4 Prayer Using the Five Senses of the Imagination
Week 5 Guided Meditation on the Sermon of the Plains
Week 6 Anima Christi or Jesus…Best Friend
Week 7 Prayer for finding God in a Busy World
Week 8 Prayer in Spiritual Exercises #98
Week 9 Centering Prayer
Week 10 Eucharistic Prayer
Week 11 Prayer for Compassion, Pedro Arrupe, S.J.
Week 12 Hymn to Matter: Teilhard de Chardin
Week 13 Take and Receive

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