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by Fr. Denny O’Mara

The spirits of those killed now spoke:
You broke our bodies, ended life
and sent us to this place of rest.
Here we enjoy a better life
but burdened still by what you did
to us and many whom we loved,
and burdened still by horrors seen,
by pain we felt in body, mind.
Why did you treat so brutally
civilians whom you bombed or shot,
us innocents, both young and old,
some not yet born from mothers’ wombs
deprived of life on Earth by you?

We fighters from all sides are here.
How differently we view our lives!
We know most wars weren’t justified,
most fought for power, land or wealth,
from racial or religious hate.

We had no right to maim and kill.
We all regret the evil done.
Why didn’t we see this while on Earth?
We were deceived, were used, were fooled.
Our leaders and our generals
to motivate us often said:
“War will make life more safe at home.”

Religious leaders blest most wars,
sent chaplains to assist the troops;
Few called wrong wars “evil” or “bad.”
Believers prayed for our success.
“God is with us,” each side declared.
Enemy troops are now our friends.
We ask forgiveness from each other,
from you whose lives we have destroyed.
We caused horrendous suffering.

If God would let us back on Earth
just for a day or even hours,
We’d tell them, “Stop! War’s not the way.
Wars kill too many innocents.
All these unnecessary deaths
in wars are unnecessary too.
Please work for peace while there is

Let’s plead again, “God, let us back.”
This time let’s hope God answers “Yes.”
Perhaps they will listen then to God
and stop ungodly cruel wars.

One soldier shared a different view:
It’s no use going back to Earth.
The people won’t accept our words:
They will call our hearers sick, insane.
I think that’s why God has said no.
They have already heard the truth:
“Thou shalt not kill. War’s not the way.”
To do the truth is what they need.

How can we do the truth today,
eliminate war from the Earth,
beginning here in U.S.A.?
To other nations George Bush says
“Negotiate, stop violence now.”
while doing quite the opposite,
pursuing peace with bombs and shells,
surprised when others do the same.

In poor Iraq, where thousands die,
peace seems more distant than before.
We look in vain for signs of hope:
I pray George Bush has a change of heart,
gives up the thought of pre-emptive war,
the temptation to strike Iran,
which would ignite a terrible war.

Six hundred billion spent on war
“robs hungry people who aren’t fed.”
At home we’re asked no sacrifice,
no sight of coffins on TV,
no special taxes or a draft.
The media mostly neglects
to keeps us well-informed each day.
In churches do they hear of war?
The God offended by this war
would welcome prayer for victims there,
our actions to free them from war.

Those in Iraq know there’s a war.
Those wounded, killed—their families know
that this is a most-savage war.

“Hello! Hello! Can you hear now?
Hello! Hello! Are you awake?”

I think they said, “We’re busy now.
Leave us alone. We’re busy now.”

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